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revolving door

A cycle in which employees do not remain in a position for more than a short amount of time before they leave, thus requiring the position to be filled frequently. Likened to a revolving door in front of a building where people can come and go at the same time. Primarily heard in US. Because public sector jobs typically cannot pay as much as private sector jobs, many positions become revolving doors.
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revolving door syndrome

1. In psychiatry, a patient's pattern of repeated admissions to psychiatric facilities. Since Penny is back here yet again, we need to devise a different treatment plan for her, to try and stop this revolving door syndrome.
2. The behavior exhibited by adult children who can no longer afford to live on their own and thus return home to live with their parents. My son is living with me once again and, given his disinterest in steady employment, I doubt this revolving door syndrome will ever end!
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revolve around someone or something

 and revolve about someone or something 
1. Lit. to spin or move around someone or something. Do you think that the whole world revolves around you? The moon revolves about the earth.
2. Fig. [for people or things] to center upon someone or something or to be primarily concerned with someone or something. The way all of this is going to turn out revolves around Bob. The success of the picnic revolves around the weather.
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the revolving door

1. If you talk about the revolving door of an organization, you mean that the people working in it do not stay there for very long. The revolving door at Wests has only just stopped spinning. A huge turnover of players is usually not the ideal basis for success. For the next 25 years, the company had a revolving door of executives. Note: You can also use revolving-door before a noun. High spending by the country's revolving-door governments swelled the public sector debt.
2. If you talk about the revolving door between two organizations, you mean that people often move from one to the other, and sometimes back again. Mr Smith also spoke of the revolving door for senior civil servants getting jobs in industry connected with their former department. No fewer than 25 aldermen have been convicted of corruption since 1973. In fact, the revolving door between City Hall and jail accounts in part for the Mayor's current political influence.
3. You can use the revolving door to refer to a situation where solutions to problems only last for a short time, and then the same problems occur again. These kids are caught in the revolving door of the justice system, ending up back on the streets after serving time, faced with their old life. Note: You can also use revolving-door before a noun. This is the revolving-door syndrome: no home, no job, no money; hence crime, increasing isolation from society, imprisonment; hence no home on release, and back again to prison.
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revolve around

1. To orbit around something: The planets revolve around the sun.
2. To be primarily concerned with something: This discussion will revolve around the causes of the problem. Not everything revolves around you, so stop thinking of yourself all the time!
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