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revolt against someone or something

to rebel or rise against someone or something. The citizens were gathering arms, preparing to revolt against the government.
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revolted at someone or something

sickened by someone or something. I was revolted at Frank and his behavior. We were all revolted at the scene of the bloody highway accident.
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Also missing is more information and analysis from the vantage point of the enslaved, which would further deepen our understanding of this and other slave revolts and related social developments and historical processes.
Winning Revolutions: The Psychosocial Dynamics of Revolts for Freedom, Fairness, and Rights; 3 volume set
We observed that 83 revolts effect in the occidental area are detected from 676 processes (evolutions) with an average duration equal to 4.
Introduced also is a discovery that the final revolts on August 22 and 23, 1791 were not the first revolt attempts but were themselves preceded by revolutionary plans that were discussed as early as October 1789 by Vincent Oge whose failed revolt in Grande-Riviere and Dondon in November 1790 provided the practice needed to succeed in the subsequent revolt that would change a nation.
Her topic is slave revolts in antiquity, but Theresa Urbainczyk has brought much comparative material from the modern world into the discussion.
Cohn deserves especial credit for integrating analysis with narrative, such that, in addition to his challenging interpretations, the reader is left with indelible images of the revolts themselves.
With lucid prose and a database containing records of 1,112 revolts, Samuel Cohn has written a history of social upheaval in late-medieval Europe that, while enjoyable to the extent of being entertaining, at times almost numbs the reader with the amount of primary evidence it cites.
blighted neighborhoods, and revolts by local citizens.
These revolts have received renewed attention over the past few years, with numerous books published on the rebellions of Tupac Amaru (around Cuzco, Peru) and Tupac Katari (in the highlands surrounding La Paz, Bolivia).
Proposition 13 proved that electoral revolts, though imperfect, are the only way to put an abusive government in check.
Inspired by earlier studies such as Herbert Aptheker's 1943 American Negro Slave Revolts, the book asserts that antislavery violence united black and white enemies of the system, and lay deep in American History and culture (2).
Shipboard Revolts, African Authority, and the Atlantic Slave Trade" by David Richardson, in The William and Mary Quarterly (Jan.
Both Hussayni and Qassam were disgruntled over British and Western policies in general in the Arab East and their revolts were an expression of the frustration of all segments of Palestinian society, notables, peasants, and students, with the state of affairs.
The Slumbering Volcano: American Slave Ship Revolts and the Production of Rebellious Masculinity.
Mary Kemp Davis, who has been publishing articles on literary treatments of slave revolts since her dissertation in 1984, writes with full awareness of the political implications of writing about Turner.