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revolt against someone or something

to rebel or rise against someone or something. The citizens were gathering arms, preparing to revolt against the government.
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revolted at someone or something

sickened by someone or something. I was revolted at Frank and his behavior. We were all revolted at the scene of the bloody highway accident.
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After that, a bloody civil war broke out, so I strongly advise Frank Lampard and friends to forget about this revolting idea very quickly.
to fall back or rather to creep back so poorly as it seems the multitude would to thir once abjur'd and detested thraldom of Kingship, to be our selves the slanderers of our own just and religious deeds, though don by som to covetous and ambitious ends, yet not therefore to be staind with their infamie, or they to asperse the integritie of others, and yet these now by revolting from the conscience of deeds welldon both in church and state, to throw away and forsake, or rather to betray a just and noble cause .
Four lines later, Milton's disapproving eye is still firmly fixed on the Presbyterians as he reviles them for revolting (drawing back from) the progressive march of Reformation 'when truth would set them free'.
The Presbyterians are Milton's target throughout Sonnet XII, even when he speaks of revolting and licence.
This revolting comic book for students--revolting in its tortuous graphic and typographical design, revolting in its charmless foreigners' English, revolting in its gratuitous pornographic imagery, and revolting in much else besides must surely mark a low point in Rem Koolhaas's relentless campaign of self-promotion.