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revolt against someone or something

to rebel or rise against someone or something. The citizens were gathering arms, preparing to revolt against the government.
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revolted at someone or something

sickened by someone or something. I was revolted at Frank and his behavior. We were all revolted at the scene of the bloody highway accident.
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The author argues that the 1916 Revolt was not only a revolt against the draft, it was a revolt against colonialism.
He was commenting on the Soweto schoolchildrens' revolt, an event that shook the apartheid state to its core.
On June 8 one hundred years ago, a military revolt was declared from the Arabian Desert aimed at ending 400-years of Ottoman rule.
The parade, which was the culmination of the Kingdom's celebrations of the Great Arab Revolt Centennial and the Arab Awakening anniversary, was held in the presence of Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah, His Royal Highness Crown Prince Al Hussein bin Abdullah II, Royal Family members, senior officials and 5,000 guests.
AT&T (NYSE: T) subsidiary DirecTV, LLC and Revolt announced they have signed a distribution agreement to make multi-genre music network Revolt available to DirecTV customers on channel 384.
Crutchfield; REVOLT AT TAOS; Westholme Publishing (Nonfiction: History) 29.
Sean "Diddy" Combs has expanded the platform of his REVOLT TV channel via a carriage agreement with the National Cable Television Cooperative, making the channel available to almost 1,000 NCTC members.
Each chapter approaches the island's major slave revolt of 1795 and related events (1795-1800) from a different perspective.
Greg Selinger, Manitoba's embattled premier, says he's focused on running the province amid the political revolt within his own party, as some high-ranking New Democrats throw their support behind a former cabinet minister who may take a run at his job next year.
Regardless of whether the action is in England or Pakistan, Revolt shows what happens in a family where nothing is kept private.
Chronological chapters on specific movements progress from the Jewish Revolt of 66-73 CE through the religious ideology of reform in present-day Iran.
However, the revolt laid the grounds for Indonesian opposition to the Malaysia scheme which culminated in a low-level war known as Confrontation between Indonesia, Malaysia, and Britain.
com)-- (n+1) designstudio, a creative services firm providing motion graphic design and conceptual branding solutions for the sports and entertainment industries, has partnered with REVOLT TV to provide a unique solution featuring real-time social media interaction.
The Revolt network said Sunday that its "Revolt Live" show will be aired at 5 p.
The map, called "Slave Revolt in Jamaica, 1760-1761: A Cartographic Narrative," details a series of insurrections involving nearly 2,000 slaves in Jamaica against the British Empire.