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pass in review

To move or march by (some figure of importance or authority) in order to be inspected. A noun or pronoun can be used between "pass" and "in." The boss always makes us pass in review to make sure our uniforms are in order before starting our shift. It's a little bit degrading, to be honest. The soldiers passed the supreme leader in review during the military parade.
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review for (something)

1. To study, examine, or look over (materials, notes, documents, etc.) for some purpose or event. I'd like some time to review for the board meeting, as I haven't been in the loop for the last three weeks. Becca is upstairs reviewing for her final exam tomorrow.
2. To study, examine, or look over materials, notes, documents, etc., for some purpose or event. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "review" and "for." We should review the verdicts in these past cases for the trial next week. He reviewed his notes for the presentation later that day.
3. To write or give a critical report on someone or something for some purpose or outlet. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "review" and "for." I got a job reviewing films for the local newspaper. Lots of students have reviewed the professor for a website that publishes students' opinions of their courses and teachers.
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pass in review

[for marchers] to move past an important person for a visual examination. All the soldiers passed in review on the Fourth of July. As they passed in review, each of them saluted the officers on the reviewing stand.
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review for something

to study material again for something, such as an examination. I need some time to review for the examination. Have you had enough time to review for your speech?
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If pre- and post-tests were given on compliance, or if employees were surveyed on their compliance education needs, that documentation also is reviewed. Since training not only frontline staff, but the board of directors, compliance committee members, and the medical staff is important, a review of the documentation regarding the training of all these individuals should be performed.
Choice reviewers either do not see the audience as worthy of comment all that often or perhaps they feel that, since the audience of the journal is presumably librarians in academic institutions, the users of any site reviewed would be academics.
As a final step, recommendations from the panel and staff, including all supporting materials and documents, are reviewed by the NIDRR director and other appropriate departmental officials in a formal prefunding conference.
In addition, engagements and their related workpapers are reviewed.
Determination of whether the reviewed firm complied with its TPQCD and procedures; and
Has it been reviewed? Ferreting out information from the Web requires a knowledge of how the various search engines that search and index Web sites are designed.
In preparation for the meeting, Weyerhaeuser thoroughly reviewed the previous audit, including the scope of the examination, the time needed to gather information and respond, and the level of adjustments proposed.
* Letter notifying the firm that the peer review has been accepted--which would also include follow-up actions required to be taken by the reviewed firm as a condition of acceptance.
Some CPAs are concerned that making the results public might make reviewers less candid, rendering the recommendations less helpful to the reviewed firm.
Taken as a whole, the data for bisphenol A and other chemicals reviewed by the panel indicate nonmonotonic, linear, and even threshold responses are all possible outcomes of low-dose endocrine disruptor exposure.
The new standards define peer review risk as the risk that a review team "fails to identify significant weaknesses in the reviewed firm's system of quality control for its accounting and auditing practice, its compliance with that system, or both; issues an inappropriate opinion on the reviewed firm's system of quality control for its accounting and auditing practice, its compliance with that system, or both; or reaches an inappropriate decision about the findings to be included in or excluded from the letter of comments, or about whether to issue a letter of comments.
When JCT review is required, an agreed examination case generally will take longer than usual to process; the examiner must prepare a report for the JCT, and the report must be reviewed by another IRS employee, known as a Joint Committee Coordinator.
From January 1958 until her retirement in September 1985, Sutherland typically read and reviewed almost one hundred books each month.
Key quality indicators were also counted and reviewed. They included measurable circumstances, such as infection rates, morbidity, and case cost by diagnostic group.