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pass in review

[for marchers] to move past an important person for a visual examination. All the soldiers passed in review on the Fourth of July. As they passed in review, each of them saluted the officers on the reviewing stand.
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review for something

to study material again for something, such as an examination. I need some time to review for the examination. Have you had enough time to review for your speech?
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In any reviewable matter, there has to be a whistle called on the floor," Stafford said.
One exception is where CBM eligibility decided in an institution decision that proceeded to final written decision was found to implicate the Board's "invalidation authority" and be reviewable on appeal.
130(a)(4)'s second sentence, explains the committee, was meant only to clarify that post-decretal orders "are no more or less reviewable than the same type of order would be if issued before a final order.
On the other hand a reviewable policy will have a lower level of premium in the plan's initial stages.
However, premiums for Reviewable policies can soon catch up and overtake them.
impact on the rights of private parties" and are thus reviewable,
We had a lot of discussion about how we got where we were, and the proposal now is that they will continue with hot meals on a four-to-six-month trial period, reviewable on a monthly basis.
He says where a lot of people can fall down is comparing prices of guaranteed premiums with reviewable premiums.
A reviewable CAT was a CAT in which examinees were allowed to review and change the answers of previous items.
The crew understands and is accustomed to the ESL; adding a safety division (SP01) for tracking is quick, understood and reviewable.
Constitutional reviewable facts," in contrast, relate to the application of legal rules to particular circumstances, though such facts still transcend the parties presently before the court.
Louisville coach Steve Kragthorpe erupted after the non-call, but under the rules the officials could not use instant replay because fair-catch signals are not reviewable.
Richardson added: "Starcraft stands at Cheveley Park under an annual arrangement which is reviewable each year, but it's too early to say whether he'll come back to us next year.
6015(f) determinations are reviewable by any court.
Depending on the type of policy, you may have a choice between reviewable and guaranteed premiums.