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pass in review

To move or march by (some figure of importance or authority) in order to be inspected. A noun or pronoun can be used between "pass" and "in." The boss always makes us pass in review to make sure our uniforms are in order before starting our shift. It's a little bit degrading, to be honest. The soldiers passed the supreme leader in review during the military parade.
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review for (something)

1. To study, examine, or look over (materials, notes, documents, etc.) for some purpose or event. I'd like some time to review for the board meeting, as I haven't been in the loop for the last three weeks. Becca is upstairs reviewing for her final exam tomorrow.
2. To study, examine, or look over materials, notes, documents, etc., for some purpose or event. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "review" and "for." We should review the verdicts in these past cases for the trial next week. He reviewed his notes for the presentation later that day.
3. To write or give a critical report on someone or something for some purpose or outlet. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "review" and "for." I got a job reviewing films for the local newspaper. Lots of students have reviewed the professor for a website that publishes students' opinions of their courses and teachers.
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pass in review

[for marchers] to move past an important person for a visual examination. All the soldiers passed in review on the Fourth of July. As they passed in review, each of them saluted the officers on the reviewing stand.
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review for something

to study material again for something, such as an examination. I need some time to review for the examination. Have you had enough time to review for your speech?
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Thus, the Board has previously observed that "[w]hile section 1292(b) and case law governing interlocutory review in civil proceedings are not binding in this administrative proceeding, they provide useful guidance to the [agencies] in deciding procedural issues such as the one presented here.
From the record, the Tax Court judge's review of the fact-findings contained in the special trial judge's report rested on the report itself, the trial transcript and the other documents on file.
Future Combat Systems Program Review -- May 26, 2005
While peer review was originally designed as an educational and remedial program, the landscape has changed to the point where the profession needs to meet marketplace and regulatory demands for disclosure and increased transparency.
In any given year, as many as 20 mid-career teachers and 600 first-year teachers undergo peer review.
Editors' Note: Black Issues Book Review has in no way dropped poetry reviews from our magazine.
Persons detained by the state may file a habeas corpus petition and demand that a court review their detention.
The revised manuscripts are then sent to members of the Editorial Board for further review.
The book omits review citations for several other productions which some musicologists, critics, and Hughes scholars will notice: One title visible nowhere in the book is Hughes's internationally performed gospel song-play, Black Nativity (1962), which was reviewed in various New York newspapers and other venues.
Using a group of volunteers, these records are reviewed, using the JCAHO Closed Medical Record Review Form criteria.
Citizens often propose civilian review boards following incidents that involve the use of excessive force.
The review teams focused on the elements of our quality assurance system dealing with engagement performance and compliance monitoring.
Put simply, peer review subjects scientists' work to the scrutiny of other scientists in the same field.