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pass in review

To move or march by (some figure of importance or authority) in order to be inspected. A noun or pronoun can be used between "pass" and "in." The boss always makes us pass in review to make sure our uniforms are in order before starting our shift. It's a little bit degrading, to be honest. The soldiers passed the supreme leader in review during the military parade.
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review for (something)

1. To study, examine, or look over (materials, notes, documents, etc.) for some purpose or event. I'd like some time to review for the board meeting, as I haven't been in the loop for the last three weeks. Becca is upstairs reviewing for her final exam tomorrow.
2. To study, examine, or look over materials, notes, documents, etc., for some purpose or event. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "review" and "for." We should review the verdicts in these past cases for the trial next week. He reviewed his notes for the presentation later that day.
3. To write or give a critical report on someone or something for some purpose or outlet. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "review" and "for." I got a job reviewing films for the local newspaper. Lots of students have reviewed the professor for a website that publishes students' opinions of their courses and teachers.
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pass in review

[for marchers] to move past an important person for a visual examination. All the soldiers passed in review on the Fourth of July. As they passed in review, each of them saluted the officers on the reviewing stand.
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review for something

to study material again for something, such as an examination. I need some time to review for the examination. Have you had enough time to review for your speech?
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Table-I: The salient features of peer review proformas of medical journals of Pakistan.
If a user chooses to leave a review, the app has to wait for at least a full year and after a new version of the app has been released before it can ask the user to review it again-a feature developers my find too restrictive and make it difficult to get feedback on new features.
Most importantly, open peer review allows reviewers to get credit for their work.
- Watchers receive review notifications as if they were review participants.
SIGNATURE LIVING HOTEL 2 56 Stanley Street, Liverpool, L1 6AU 'Excellent' reviews: 873 'Terrible' reviews: 19 The Signature Living Hotel also has 'excellent' reviews in abundance, earning it the second spot on TripAdvisor's list.
For writing the methods section of the systematic review the Cochrane guideline and PRISMA are quite explicit.
When you obtain the firm's listing of its engagements, make sure that the year-end used on this listing agrees with the firm's peer review year-end.
The CE-Onsite Review is similar to the CE-45 FastTrack Program but has one major difference: BSI product experts visit the manufacturer in person to perform the review.
EXHIBIT 1 Firms Enrolled in AICPA Peer Review Program, by Size Number of Professionals Firms Enrolled Sole practitioner 12,355 2-5 12,389 6-10 3,180 11-19 1,285 20-49 639 50-99 110 100 or more 17 [ILLUSTRATION OMITTED]
* Preparation--Schedule a meeting time with the employee being reviewed. Be sure to give them plenty of advanced notice and ensure that you have allotted enough time to conduct the review.
A working group consisting of representatives from each Service, the Joint Staff, and the Institute of Heraldry will form the core of the comprehensive review effort.
Another writer may have devoted half the review to ABT's excellent corps.