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Pernia, Pampi argued that prices of canned meat products and hot dogs would increase by as much as 17 percent once the current tariff on MDM of 5 percent reverts to its 2012 level.
Henry de Bromhead runs Killiney Court, who reverts to hurdles for the first time in almost a year.
It is expected that Greek government bonds may not be eligible as collateral at the European Central Bank (ECB) if the ECB reverts to pre-crisis rules.
The site offers users the chance to describe themselves as being from "Cardiff, UK", but when they try to save the description it automatically reverts to "England".
Firing normally from single action mode, if the primer ever fails to ignite, the gun reverts to double action mode to provide a potentially life-saving second or third try at a faulty cartridge.
It reverts to the lender's standard variable rate for rest of the term, currently 7.09%.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-8 August 2005-O2 reverts to original MMS delivery(C)1994-2005 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD
This equates to 4.64 per cent, then reverts to the standard variable rate for the remaining term of the mortgage, currently 6.75 per cent.
within the wall, it gradually cools off, and the water vapor condenses out and reverts to liquid water.
Escheat property is property that reverts to a government entity in the absence of legal claimants or heirs and includes abandoned and unclaimed property.
An even better solution may be to structure the trust so that it terminates and the trust property reverts to the grantor's estate if the spouse's interest is revoked.
So, the oil-gold price ratio reverts to its mean via changes in the price of oil.
From this week, the track reverts to a 7.30pm start-10.40pm finish for its
The new bond offers an annual interest rate of six per cent which at maturity reverts to B&B's top-paying savings account rate.
The Governmental Accounting Standards Board issued an exposure draft that would establish standards for the fund type to be used in reporting escheat property (property that reverts to the government because there are no legal claimants or heirs and usually is subject to recovery by legal claimants) as well as liabilities and interfund transfers related to such property.