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revert to

1. To return to a prior condition, state, behavior, or practice. The entire city had reverted to candlelight after the power outage continued for its fifth straight day. The intense trauma has caused the victim to revert to a fragile, childlike state.
2. To become or return to the possession of the legal proprietor. The land will revert to the banks if we aren't able to keep up with the mortgage payments. As stipulated in his will, Montgomery's estate reverts to his eldest son.
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revert to type

To return to usual behavior or form after a temporary change, typically an improvement. Jenny has been very gracious since she joined our department, but I'm afraid she may revert to type once the newness wears off. The administration had made strides in transparency, but with how evasive it's been on this latest issue, it looks like it is reverting to type.
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revert to someone or something

1. to return to some type of person or a former state. After he was out of prison, he reverted to a life of crime. She quickly reverted to her childhood dialect after a few weeks at home.
2. to become the property of someone, a group, or an institution. At the end of ten years, this house and the land it sits on reverts to the youngest living child. Then the property reverts to the state.
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revert to ˈtype

(formal) return to the way you would expect somebody to behave when you remember their family, sex, work, history, etc: The team had two very unexpected wins, but have now reverted to type and lost the last two games.
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revert to

1. To return to some former condition, practice, subject, or belief: When the computerized accounting system failed, we reverted to using paper spreadsheets.
2. To return to some former owner or the heirs of the former owner. Used of money or property: At the end of 100 years, all privately held land in the park will revert to the government.
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But, how long will it take for the ratio to revert to its mean?
Mr Rahman, an administrator for the Islamic Social Services Association, is reaching out to reverts via the internet, including social networking site Facebook, and has already got the names of 78 reverts in South Wales on his database.
BM Solutions has a fixed rate mortgage of 6.29% until October 1, 2011, which then reverts to the Bank of England base rate plus 2.44% for the rest of the term, currently 7.44%.
Omar Hassan: The returning champ heelflip indy'd over the Cardiel gap, heelflipped to frontside air in the deep and ollied to lipslide revert from the tear drop to the spine.
Nor does he know the economic value of such a project, or the specifics of who would run the operation once the properties revert back to the Crown.
The second NIC can be installed after the fact so that if there are any problems, you can always revert back to that famous "Last known good configuration." Once both Network cards are up in both nodes, the second "private" or heartbeat connection is established using a crossover cable and an internal TCP/IP address.
21 requires escheat property to be reported either in an expendable trust fund or in the fund to which the property ultimately will revert. Escheat revenue should be reduced and a fund liability reported to the extent it is probable the escheat property will be reclaimed and paid to claimants.
An even better solution may be to structure the trust so that it terminates and the trust property reverts to the grantor's estate if the spouse's interest is revoked.
Henry de Bromhead runs Killiney Court, who reverts to hurdles for the first time in almost a year.
Nine new Muslim reverts of different nationalities were honored at a reception at the Maulana Hifzur Rehman Seoharvi Academy, an organization that aims to spread Islam.
The new bond offers an annual interest rate of six per cent which at maturity reverts to B&B's top-paying savings account rate.
The Governmental Accounting Standards Board issued an exposure draft that would establish standards for the fund type to be used in reporting escheat property (property that reverts to the government because there are no legal claimants or heirs and usually is subject to recovery by legal claimants) as well as liabilities and interfund transfers related to such property.
Nationwide Building Society has a two-year fixed rate mortgage of 5.95% which reverts to the lender's standard variable rate for rest of the term, currently 6.49%.
From this week, the track reverts to a 7.30pm start-10.40pm finish for its
Owners are being sought for a parrot who has a unique way of showing his irritation - he reverts to speaking Punjabi.