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revert to type

To return to usual behavior or form after a temporary change, typically an improvement. Jenny has been very gracious since she joined our department, but I'm afraid she may revert to type once the newness wears off. The administration had made strides in transparency, but with how evasive it's been on this latest issue, it looks like it is reverting to type.
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revert to someone or something

1. to return to some type of person or a former state. After he was out of prison, he reverted to a life of crime. She quickly reverted to her childhood dialect after a few weeks at home.
2. to become the property of someone, a group, or an institution. At the end of ten years, this house and the land it sits on reverts to the youngest living child. Then the property reverts to the state.
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revert to ˈtype

(formal) return to the way you would expect somebody to behave when you remember their family, sex, work, history, etc: The team had two very unexpected wins, but have now reverted to type and lost the last two games.
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revert to

1. To return to some former condition, practice, subject, or belief: When the computerized accounting system failed, we reverted to using paper spreadsheets.
2. To return to some former owner or the heirs of the former owner. Used of money or property: At the end of 100 years, all privately held land in the park will revert to the government.
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Produce all these persons whether they are in the FC or reverted to army," the court said while hearing the missing persons case.
He reverted after returning to Wales and said although he lost some friends as he was no longer able to go out drinking - Muslims cannot drink alcohol - his Christian family was supportive and he has never looked back.
A spokeswoman for Spirit Group said: "The Fountain has now reverted back to Spirit, as we are the main leaseholder responsible for the freehold of the property.
COThe Central Bank has subsequently reverted to the historical process of permitting coverage at the declared rate of customer generated Kuwaiti dinar exchange position only, which in no way restricts the ability of banks to quote Kuwaiti dinar foreign exchange rates either in the interbank market or their own customers,CO it added.
Apparently he too had reverted to the wild-type virus: His T cells are now back up over 200, and his viral load is a manageable 400.
In his experiment, eight untreated diabetic mice taken off insulin injections reverted to diabetes and died, whereas eight diabetic mice getting transplants remained healthy when taken off insulin.
Macau--On December 20, 1999, the small Portuguese colony on the Chinese mainland just south of Hong Kong, reverted to China.
If the stock reverted to the issuing corporation, however, the transferor would receive nonrecognition treatment.
The judges said he agreed with the state court ruling in DeSantis v White Rose in 1991, wherein a co-op reverted back to rent stabilization when the former owner foreclosed.
OTCBB: ZILG), a worldwide supplier of microcontrollers announced today that its ticker symbol has been reverted back to "ZILG" from "ZILGE.
Wherever AV has been experienced, it has made FPTP more popular - both of the Canadian provinces that adopted AV quickly reverted to FPTP and opinion polls in every country that use AV show a majority wanting to revert to FPTP.
RAWALPINDI, October 28, 2009 (Frontier Star): Muhammad Aslam Tareen Addl: Inspector General of Police Rawalpindi Region dismissed 02/ASIs, reverted 02/ Inspectors , 01/SI and also awarded punishments to 01/Inspector, 04/SIs and 01 HC of Rawalpindi Region on the charge of gross misconduct/corruption.
When the networks weren't showing the footage of Friday's bombings, they often reverted to digital special effects replicating the attacks - war as a video game.