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revert to type

To return to usual behavior or form after a temporary change, typically an improvement. Jenny has been very gracious since she joined our department, but I'm afraid she may revert to type once the newness wears off. The administration had made strides in transparency, but with how evasive it's been on this latest issue, it looks like it is reverting to type.
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revert to

1. To return to a prior condition, state, behavior, or practice. The entire city had reverted to candlelight after the power outage continued for its fifth straight day. The intense trauma has caused the victim to revert to a fragile, childlike state.
2. To become or return to the possession of the legal proprietor. The land will revert to the banks if we aren't able to keep up with the mortgage payments. As stipulated in his will, Montgomery's estate reverts to his eldest son.
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revert to someone or something

1. to return to some type of person or a former state. After he was out of prison, he reverted to a life of crime. She quickly reverted to her childhood dialect after a few weeks at home.
2. to become the property of someone, a group, or an institution. At the end of ten years, this house and the land it sits on reverts to the youngest living child. Then the property reverts to the state.
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revert to ˈtype

(formal) return to the way you would expect somebody to behave when you remember their family, sex, work, history, etc: The team had two very unexpected wins, but have now reverted to type and lost the last two games.
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revert to

1. To return to some former condition, practice, subject, or belief: When the computerized accounting system failed, we reverted to using paper spreadsheets.
2. To return to some former owner or the heirs of the former owner. Used of money or property: At the end of 100 years, all privately held land in the park will revert to the government.
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Lastly, the economic services department which includes the department of engineering and public works, Manila tourism and cultural affairs bureau, market administration office, veterinary inspection board and parks development office reverted a total of P25,382,369 to fund the 14th month pay of city employees.
Wednesday night, Fox and NBC continued coverage through the night - Fox and NBC (with MSNBC) each have an entire news network's resources to draw from, while ABC and CBS reverted to regular programming.
Apparently he too had reverted to the wild-type virus: His T cells are now back up over 200, and his viral load is a manageable 400.
Pegasus Communications Corporation (NASDAQ) (the "Company") announced today that its Class A Common Stock has reverted to trading under the symbol "PGTV.
SARGODHA -- In order to re-fix the seniority of the reverted 18 Assistant Sub Inspectors of the region, a meeting of Special Promotion Board (SPB) was held here at Regional Police Office office on Thursday.
Again, when I received my billing for October, they hadn't reverted the charges they made, and again, charged me Dh250 as over-limit.
HYDERABAD -- A meter Supervisor and two Meter Readers of Hyderabad Electric Supply Company have been dismissed from their services while another Meter Supervisor has been reverted from his rank after completion of enquiry against them on charge of negligence in duties and issuing wrong bills to consumers.
The program began with a recitation of the Holy Qur'an by Mohammad Kareem who introduced two newly reverted Indians, Ali and Othman.
Section 1 of HB 3890 proposes that the basic services and facilities devolved to the barangay on "Agricultural support services which include planting materials distribution system and operation of farm produce collection and buying stations is hereby withdrawn and reverted back to the National Government.
Wherever AV has been experienced, it has made FPTP more popular - both of the Canadian provinces that adopted AV quickly reverted to FPTP and opinion polls in every country that use AV show a majority wanting to revert to FPTP.
Have local leaders and the political institutions that support them responded satisfactorily to the issues raised by secession, or have they reverted to business as usual?
The court was told that the paramilitary officials most of them had been reverted to the army after their services in the FC.
With the result, demand of cement would also increase and its price would be reverted ultimately".