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revert to type

To return to usual behavior or form after a temporary change, typically an improvement. Jenny has been very gracious since she joined our department, but I'm afraid she may revert to type once the newness wears off. The administration had made strides in transparency, but with how evasive it's been on this latest issue, it looks like it is reverting to type.
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revert to

1. To return to a prior condition, state, behavior, or practice. The entire city had reverted to candlelight after the power outage continued for its fifth straight day. The intense trauma has caused the victim to revert to a fragile, childlike state.
2. To become or return to the possession of the legal proprietor. The land will revert to the banks if we aren't able to keep up with the mortgage payments. As stipulated in his will, Montgomery's estate reverts to his eldest son.
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revert to someone or something

1. to return to some type of person or a former state. After he was out of prison, he reverted to a life of crime. She quickly reverted to her childhood dialect after a few weeks at home.
2. to become the property of someone, a group, or an institution. At the end of ten years, this house and the land it sits on reverts to the youngest living child. Then the property reverts to the state.
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revert to ˈtype

(formal) return to the way you would expect somebody to behave when you remember their family, sex, work, history, etc: The team had two very unexpected wins, but have now reverted to type and lost the last two games.
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revert to

1. To return to some former condition, practice, subject, or belief: When the computerized accounting system failed, we reverted to using paper spreadsheets.
2. To return to some former owner or the heirs of the former owner. Used of money or property: At the end of 100 years, all privately held land in the park will revert to the government.
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Somebody called me to say they will revert the charges they've made, in the next billing cycle.
He reassured supporters that no matter what the Americans do to scrap Palestine off the map it would revert to Islamic control no matter how long it takes.
Yechury told reporters in the national capital on Sunday that if the need be, the country should revert back to ballot paper, so that the records could be maintained.
But if warm air cools off while it is inside of a wall, the vapor will revert to water inside of the wall as well, and the water will be deposited in an uncontrolled, unanticipated location.
Next year's Heineken Cup chiefs will revert to its 2002-03 format.
If the donor dies within the five-year period, a portion of the gift will revert back to his or her estate.
The process also increased the amount of revert material from a 50:50 revert/virgin charge ratio to 100% revert charge composition, said Barber.
Still, to prove that the transplants caused the diabetes reversal, the researchers need to remove islets from the mice hosting transplants to see whether they then revert to diabetes, says Henry Lau of Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions in Baltimore.
Campton, who is likely to revert to his favoured back row role after being deployed in the second row for much of last season, has identified lack of fitness as a major reason for the club not being involved in a title push last season.
If after following set procedures the bank was unable to locate the rightful owners, the bank account would revert to the government--and be subject to recovery by legal claimants.
In the last many months, the Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) had assigned different contractors to supply things to schools with a promise to clear the bills from CADD within 40 days, however, many contractors have been left in the lurch after a special committee recently recommended to devolve the ministry and revert various departments working under ministry to respective divisions and ministries.
Tenders are invited for Annual maintenance contract of revert grinding plant and wtp alongwith operation of revert grinding plant
This important message persuaded 18 people to revert and embrace Islam.
Ladbrokes - next country to leave Euro: ion: 1-5 Greece, 5 Italy, 6 Portugal, 10 bar; 1-2 Greece to announce intention to leave Euro before end of 2011; 5-4 Greece to revert to drachma by end of 2011; 2012 US election: Evs Barack Obama, 2 Mitt Romney, 13-2 Rick Perry, 20 Herman Cain, 25 bar; Republican nomination: 4-7 Mitt Romney, 3 Rick Perry, 8 Herman Cain, 16 bar.