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revert to type

To return to usual behavior or form after a temporary change, typically an improvement. Jenny has been very gracious since she joined our department, but I'm afraid she may revert to type once the newness wears off. The administration had made strides in transparency, but with how evasive it's been on this latest issue, it looks like it is reverting to type.
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revert to someone or something

1. to return to some type of person or a former state. After he was out of prison, he reverted to a life of crime. She quickly reverted to her childhood dialect after a few weeks at home.
2. to become the property of someone, a group, or an institution. At the end of ten years, this house and the land it sits on reverts to the youngest living child. Then the property reverts to the state.
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revert to ˈtype

(formal) return to the way you would expect somebody to behave when you remember their family, sex, work, history, etc: The team had two very unexpected wins, but have now reverted to type and lost the last two games.
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revert to

1. To return to some former condition, practice, subject, or belief: When the computerized accounting system failed, we reverted to using paper spreadsheets.
2. To return to some former owner or the heirs of the former owner. Used of money or property: At the end of 100 years, all privately held land in the park will revert to the government.
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Despite past volatility, the future market for rhenium is expected to be more stable, largely as a result of increasing quantities of engine revert becoming available.
within the wall, it gradually cools off, and the water vapor condenses out and reverts to liquid water.
But ERC have announced the format will revert to the pre-World Cup formula of three blocks of two rounds, starting in October and completing in early January, 2005.
The virus did tend to revert to more drug-susceptible strains in two thirds of the treatment-interruption patients.
If the donor dies within the five-year period, a portion of the gift will revert back to his or her estate.
That court decision forced OSHA to revert to enforcing significantly outdated exposure limits, many of which had not been revised since 1971.
Nor does he know the economic value of such a project, or the specifics of who would run the operation once the properties revert back to the Crown.
Campton, who is likely to revert to his favoured back row role after being deployed in the second row for much of last season, has identified lack of fitness as a major reason for the club not being involved in a title push last season.
On May 15, 1997, most of the terms of these tests will revert to the form of the original Indenture.
If after following set procedures the bank was unable to locate the rightful owners, the bank account would revert to the government--and be subject to recovery by legal claimants.
A downgrade in the rating to a level below 'BB+' may result in a termination payment to Morgan Stanley and could cause the bonds to revert to their original coupon.
IT'S been argued by some of the more extreme environmentalists that the hills and uplands should be allowed to revert back to nature.
Losses linked to the US subprime crisis are forcing major French banks to revert to the traditional savings and loans business.
Chaz does it ATV-style with over-vert grinds to revert and a slot on the Label
RUUD VAN NISTELROOY'S hernia problem has severely dented Manchester United's pre-season preparations, but I was more concerned by Sir Alex Ferguson's decision to revert to one up front in the friendly against PSV Eindhoven.