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the reverse of the medal (or shield)

the opposite view of a matter.
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go/put something into reˈverse

start to happen or make something happen in the opposite way: In the 1980s economic growth went into reverse.
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in reˈverse

in the opposite order or way; backwards: The secret number is my phone number in reverse.We did a similar trip to you, but in reverse.
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reverse gears

tv. to wretch as a prelude to vomiting; to vomit the stomach contents. Beavis is reversing gears and might be going to vomit. You never know with Beavis.
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reverse (one's) field

To turn and proceed in the opposite direction.
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References in classic literature ?
Yes, to travel with a courier is bliss, to travel without one is the reverse.
Barley's door, he was heard hoarsely muttering within, in a strain that rose and fell like wind, the following Refrain; in which I substitute good wishes for something quite the reverse.
If he did so with the reverse of his lance, the trial of skill was made with what were called the arms of courtesy, that is, with lances at whose extremity a piece of round flat board was fixed, so that no danger was encountered, save from the shock of the horses and riders.
To reverse and undo what has been done by a predecessor, is very often considered by a successor as the best proof he can give of his own capacity and desert; and in addition to this propensity, where the alteration has been the result of public choice, the person substituted is warranted in supposing that the dismission of his predecessor has proceeded from a dislike to his measures; and that the less he resembles him, the more he will recommend himself to the favor of his constituents.
Now character determines men's qualities, but it is by their actions that they are happy or the reverse.
Here is my chance," I thought, "for testing the reverse action of the Magic Watch
Among a multitude of opinions upon this delicate point- some acute, some learned, some sufficiently the reverse -- I am able to select nothing which ought to be considered satisfactory.
In the twilight of the morning light seems active, darkness passive; in the twilight of evening it is the darkness which is active and crescent, and the light which is the drowsy reverse.
In her rambling and her idleness she might only be a caricature of herself; but in her silence and sadness she was the very reverse of all that she had been before.
What they wanted was a British reverse to knock things down a bit, and then it might be worth while buying.
But Pierre now committed a reverse act of impoliteness.
To-day, for the first time, I have come face to face with the possibility of a reverse.
I am far from saying that I am a bold woman-- quite the reverse.