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the reverse of the medal (or shield)

the opposite view of a matter.
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go/put something into reˈverse

start to happen or make something happen in the opposite way: In the 1980s economic growth went into reverse.
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in reˈverse

in the opposite order or way; backwards: The secret number is my phone number in reverse.We did a similar trip to you, but in reverse.
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reverse gears

tv. to wretch as a prelude to vomiting; to vomit the stomach contents. Beavis is reversing gears and might be going to vomit. You never know with Beavis.
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reverse (one's) field

To turn and proceed in the opposite direction.
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RNAs were reversely transcribed with 3' Rapid Amplification of cDNA Ends (3' RACE) 1st strand cDNA (cDNA2) Synthesis kit and a 3' RACE Adaptor primer was used according to the instructions of the manufacturer (Takara Co.
it is possible these parameters could be calculated reversely based on the resistance intensity adjustment coefficient.
The inhaled dose is reversely proportional to the droplet size under MV and UFAD, while it almost does not vary under DV.
Reversely, when a person travel from a cold place to a warm place, it's very troublesome and difficult to bear the large temperature change, get off the winter clothing and change for summer/spring clothing.
Russian experts asked to see the airplanes and we allowed them to see the shot-down drones as well as the reversely engineered models made by the IRGC," Hajizadeh told reporters.
Total RNA was extracted using RNA Extraction Kit (Takara Biotechnology, Dalian, China) and reversely transcribed with cDNA synthesis primer AP (5'-GGCCACGCGTCGACTAGTAC (T) 21-31) and primer 1 (51-NAARACNCARTGYYTNCAYGCNTG-3'), which was designed according to the N-terminal amino acid sequence of POL.
Reversely, when the stock markets are declining, the margin loan borrowers are forced to sell stocks following margin calls, inducing further decreases in stock prices and more subsequent sales.
Reversely so, if the fall in price is greater than the increase in production, then the growth is causing a depreciation of welfare in Ireland.
001 in Table 6 all fall into the corresponding 95 % CIs in Table 7, and reversely so does the estimated T[^.
In other words, porosity is reversely proportional to density.
Interestingly, HMB-45 positivity is reversely related to cell proliferation.
Ken Edgar, technical director at UK-based personalised school wear manufacturer Rowlinson Knitwear, said, reversely, that because branded knitwear products usually do have a reputation for very high quality, they are at an especially high risk for counterfeiting.