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revere (someone or something) for (something)

To hold a deep and profound respect, deference, admiration, or honor for someone or something because of some reason. Often used in passive constructions. Many people around the world revere celebrities purely for their status and wealth. The scientist was revered by many for her contributions to revolutionary cancer treatments. He revered the author for his incredible characters and world-building.
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revere someone or something for something

to admire or venerate someone or something for something. I will always revere my dear aunt for her devotion to all of us. We have always revered his lovely gift for our little kindness.
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In 1993, when the Massachusetts state legislature passed a bill calling for the creation of the MCAS, lawmakers and educators expected the loudest outcry to come from districts like Revere and other urban areas with historically underperforming schools.
Their opposition threatens to stop the gains made in places like Revere dead in their tracks.
In 1989,The Revere Group purchased its first flexo press--a 3-color Mark Andy 830--marking its initial foray into printing and converting.
While The Revere Group was converting enough foil to pay for the press, nonetheless it remained idle a lot of the time.
In 1996, Mark Revere and his wife, Sally, took on sole ownership of the company.
As the label printing business grew, so too did the overall operation, with The Revere Group outgrowing its original 1,000 square foot office space into progressively larger facilities more conducive to manufacturing.
The 8-color, 13" press, which was initially purchased to print labels, was equipped with soft tension lamination, and it got The Revere Group into film converting and flexible packaging--specifically in the area of water bottle wraps.
In 2008, The Revere Group settled into its current 54,000 square foot Seattle home, which coincided with the purchase of a used 22", 11-color Comco Pro Glide, used primarily to meet the needs of a large water bottle label customer.
The Revere Group was ahead of its competition when it came to adopting flexible packaging capabilities.
Doing things differently than its competitors, such as being an early adopter of certain technologies, is thematic of The Revere Group business model, and speaks to Mark Revere's sense of uniqueness.
Following that trip to Brussels, in 2014, The Revere Group invited all of the major press manufacturers to its Seattle facility to make initial presentations.
The Revere Group ordered not one, but two presses--one for labels and one for flexible packaging.
The new M5-370 label press at The Revere Group replaced the two Mark Andy 2200s, and the M5-630 film press is gradually phasing out the Comco.