revere for

revere someone or something for something

to admire or venerate someone or something for something. I will always revere my dear aunt for her devotion to all of us. We have always revered his lovely gift for our little kindness.
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Subtitled ''A Son of Liberty and America's Forgotten Military Disaster,'' Greenburg's meticulously researched book uses newspapers from the 1770s, more than 100 books and 234-year-old transcribed testimony from a Committee of Enquiry investigating charges of cowardice and disobedience against Revere for his role in the disaster.
Viewers travel with Revere for every part of his journey, by ferry, as he awaited the lantern signal and more.
She was awarded Social Security benefits and in November 1993 filed a claim against Paul Revere for disability benefits.
On behalf of the Patrick-Murray Administration, I applaud Mayor Ambrosino and the City of Revere for taking on this significant energy efficiency project - one that will cut the City's carbon footprint, while reducing energy use and costs for Revere taxpayers, and increasing the comfort of school buildings for students, faculty and staff," said Department of Energy Resources Commissioner Mark Sylvia.
REVERE -- A large voter turnout is anticipated today in Revere for a referendum on a proposed $1.
Traders; portfolio managers; sales and trading professionals; and risk management executives are turning to Revere for more sophisticated tools to fully understand the connections among their holdings, generate returns, and understand their risks.