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revere (someone or something) for (something)

To hold a deep and profound respect, deference, admiration, or honor for someone or something because of some reason. Often used in passive constructions. Many people around the world revere celebrities purely for their status and wealth. The scientist was revered by many for her contributions to revolutionary cancer treatments. He revered the author for his incredible characters and world-building.
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revere someone or something for something

to admire or venerate someone or something for something. I will always revere my dear aunt for her devotion to all of us. We have always revered his lovely gift for our little kindness.
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We designed the new cookware with a focus on performance and convenience, while honoring the legendary Revere look and feel found within millions of kitchens all across North America since the 1930s," said Austin Rothbard, president North America and global product management at World Kitchen LLC, which owns the brand.
Glenbard Electric Supply will be running in parallel with Revere Electric Supply, with Dominic Vozella, a 28 year industry-veteran, leading the institute as Executive Vice President.
This book (written by Mary Pickett Calhoun, but told to her by Willy Willy) contains the magic forests of Revere, the voodoo of African lore, the folk tales from the immigrants, the truths and the fantasies of Revere, the symbolic characters, and the fairy-tale elements containing our childhood's earliest fears (as Sigmund Freud found).
As if cross-examining the historical record, Greenburg has sorted out the tangled accusations against Revere and documented his battle of several years to restore his tarnished reputation.
Also, Windsor Media will also join Revere as an investing partner.
Revere provides analytics, industry classification and supply chain speciality data and index solutions for the financial services industry.
Over the last decade, Revere has built a dynamic industry taxonomy that offers investors a unique way to classify companies and analyze how they fit in the global economy.
Little did he know, that glove would help Revere make an unbelievable catch, which is being dubbed as the catch of the year.
The Revere Hotel, a US-based boutique hotel company has announced the opening of a new hotel in Boston, US.
A 1798 letter written by Paul Revere himself appears to back up Palin's claim.
During her visit to Boston, she claimed that Revere, a silversmith and messenger for the rebel militias, had "warned the British that they weren't going to be taking away our arms".
Before Longfellow wrote those lines, however, Revere wasn't known for his ride, and Longfellow got almost every detail of what happened in 1775 wrong.
If Paul Revere faded into oblivion after his famed midnight ride warning American settlers that the British army was on the move, his place in history would be limited to a starlit journey immortalized by the poem, "Paul Revere's Ride" by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.
Paul Revere: Midnight Ride" introduces children to the heroic tale of Paul Revere, one of history's greats.
Like many New Yorkers, Evans Revere usually does business over a meal or drinks.