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revere someone or something for something

to admire or venerate someone or something for something. I will always revere my dear aunt for her devotion to all of us. We have always revered his lovely gift for our little kindness.
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Subtitled ''A Son of Liberty and America's Forgotten Military Disaster,'' Greenburg's meticulously researched book uses newspapers from the 1770s, more than 100 books and 234-year-old transcribed testimony from a Committee of Enquiry investigating charges of cowardice and disobedience against Revere for his role in the disaster.
Little did he know, that glove would help Revere make an unbelievable catch, which is being dubbed as the catch of the year.
Bostonians were able to witness this incredible spectacle from street level with unobstructed visibility surrounding the Revere property.
Washington, June 7 (ANI): Supporters of White House hopeful Sarah Palin have attempted to edit the Wikipedia page on patriot Paul Revere after she made glaring historical errors during her tour to Boston last week.
If Paul Revere faded into oblivion after his famed midnight ride warning American settlers that the British army was on the move, his place in history would be limited to a starlit journey immortalized by the poem, "Paul Revere's Ride" by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.
holding company owned by NTT Data, signed a contract on November 11 with The Revere Group, Ltd.
The modest Revere House that languishes on Bayou Louise on Siesta Key--once among the most famous homes of the mid-20th century--is, in current real estate parlance, a tear-down.
Within days of the Boston Massacre, an engraving of the shooting, made by patriot Paul Revere (from another artist's work), was used to rally colonists against British rule.
The rider, Boston's Paul Revere, had been warned just hours before by his friend Richard Devens that nine or ten mounted British soldiers had been spotted going down the road to Lexington earlier that night.
When Paul Revere needed to get to the boat that would carry him across the Charles River, there to watch for lantern signals in the Old North Church, he did so on foot.
To illustrate his point, he uses the historical example of American Revolution legend Paul Revere, whose midnight ride through the towns north of Boston is purportedly responsible for rousing an entire region to arms.
a blue-collar city six miles north of Boston, and Joe Ciccarello, a math teacher at Revere High School, is winding down the ninth-grade algebra class he started teaching 90 minutes ago.
We are not abandoning the Revere franchise because it's strong and fits our overall strategy to have strong brands in the housewares category that bring innovative products to the marketplace.