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revere (someone or something) for (something)

To hold a deep and profound respect, deference, admiration, or honor for someone or something because of some reason. Often used in passive constructions. Many people around the world revere celebrities purely for their status and wealth. The scientist was revered by many for her contributions to revolutionary cancer treatments. He revered the author for his incredible characters and world-building.
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revere someone or something for something

to admire or venerate someone or something for something. I will always revere my dear aunt for her devotion to all of us. We have always revered his lovely gift for our little kindness.
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Revere Bank, established in 2007, is a full-service community bank providing a wide array of business and personal banking services to the Maryland counties of Montgomery, Prince George's, Anne Arundel, Howard, Frederick and Baltimore, as well as the District of Columbia.
Specifically, the Third Division reversed the CA ruling that affirmed the UCPB mortgage of Revere over the property of the Chua couple.
The transaction reinforces Revere as a leader in the plastic injection molding industry by adding to its capabilities.
Glen Fish, CEO of Revere Plastics Systems, said, 'This acquisition supports Revere's vision for growth while investing in the community, securing jobs and building on Revere and the Fraser operation's initiatives.
Revere Bank is regulated by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and thestate of Marylandand its deposits are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.
Mark Revere feels fortunate to have had the opportunity to work side-by-side with both his father and grandfather.
Revere claimed the gap between the two motivations of North Korea is massive and the implication of each is profoundly different so that "a careful and cool-headed analysis of what is accurate concerning Kim Jong-un is necessary" at this juncture.
Revere, a silversmith by trade, is famous for a midnight horseback ride in April 1775 in which he covered a lot of ground and warned rebels in the American colonies fighting for their independence that British troops were arriving right before the Battles of Lexington and Concord in Massachusetts.
After almost a decade off shelves, Revere cookware has returned with two new lines: Revere Copper Confidence Core stainless steel cookware, and Revere Clean Pan hard anodized aluminum nonstick cookware.
In a game like last year's Patriots-Seahawks Super Bowl, the line meanders meaninglessly but goes crazy at the end as the odds swing violently from near 100% one way to 100% the other when one heroic play supersedes another (until Revere's metaphorical descendants secure yet another victory).
It is Joe Howard, killed while returning home to Revere, who controls the plot's sequence.
Cullen, Jr., 62, of Winchendon, formerly of Revere, passed away on Monday, December 28, 2014, in Saint Vincent Hospital.He is survived by his mother, Frances (Muscato) Cullen of Revere; a brother, James E.
Paul Revere, the organist and leader of long-running rock band Paul Revere and the Raiders, died Oct.
Revere Interior & Architectural Design moved into new premises at the Innovation Centre run by UK Steel Enterprise on Redcar's Kirkleatham Business Park just a few months ago but is already planning to take on a bigger workshop.
(NYSE: FDS) said it has acquired Revere Data, LLC (