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Revenge is a dish best served cold.

Prov. It is very satisfying to get revenge a long time after the event for which you want revenge. I don't mind waiting to get revenge on Greg; I'll wait ten years if I have to. Revenge is a dish best served cold.
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Revenge is sweet.

Prov. It is very pleasurable to revenge yourself on someone. Jill: Remember when Tom left me for another woman? Well, she just left him, and he asked me out on a date. I told him I had better things to do. Jane: Revenge is sweet, huh?
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revenge oneself (up)on someone or something

to retaliate against someone or something. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) There is no need for you to revenge yourself upon Walter. It was an accident. She did not know how she would revenge herself on Joe, but she knew she would.
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seek revenge

(against someone) Go to take revenge (against someone).
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take revenge (against someone)

 and seek revenge (against someone); get revenge against someone; take revenge (on someone) (for something)
to get even with someone. Linda planned to take revenge against Ellen. I intend to take revenge on Paul for what he did. I will not seek revenge.
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revenge is a dish best served (or eaten) cold

vengeance is often more satisfying if it is not exacted immediately. proverb
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Montezuma’s revenge

(mɑntəˈzuməz rɪˈvɛndʒ)
n. diarrhea; tourist diarrhea. (Refers to tourists in Mexico.) I had a little touch of Montezuma’s revenge the second day, but other than that we had a wonderful time.
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Dunne goes even further, arguing that English stage revengers belong to a more extensive social network than the isolated tragic hero:
All the Revenger could do was tuck the package like a football and dash to the rear of the last car.
Within those contexts, for whatever reason, it appears that Marston is going beyond the attempts of other playwrights to justify the sensational violence in their plays and even to allow the audience to retain some admiration for the revenger without falling afoul of the censor.
John Kerrigan rightly identifies this reversal as an inherent irony of retribution itself, for as the revenger "makes himself resemble the opponent he has blamed .
Devoting a chapter each to the stage tyrant, the revenger, the androgynous hero, and the authoritative heroine, Allman works through each of these roles in the three plays first mentioned, and then culminates in a reading of The Duchess of Malfi as a play that transcends the genre of revenge tragedy, yet confirms her analysis of the genre's cultural significance.
Many of them would have seen or heard of at least one other play in which a revenger acted mad in order to lull his enemies into a false sense of security.
Pia already made her film comeback in last Metro film fest's hit Vice Ganda starrer, 'The Revenger Squad,' but the success of that flick was mainly attributed to Ms Ganda.
These are "All of You" starring Jennylyn Mercado and Derek Ramsay (Quantum Films, MJM Productions); "Gandarrapido: The Revenger Squad" with Vice Ganda, Daniel Padilla and Pia Wurtzbach (Star Cinema, Viva Films); "Ang Panday" starring Coco Martin (Star Cinema, CCM Productions); and "Meant to Beh" starring Vic Sotto and Dawn Zulueta (Octo Arts, M-Zet and APT).
My wife may be conspiring with my father," says Daniel Grayson (Josh Bowman), who seems to have completely transformed into a dark revenger.
Justine Quilantang (Gandarrapido: The Revenger Squad)
The official entries for this year's MMFF are "Gandarrapiddo: The Revenger Squad," "'Ang Panday," "All of You," "Deadma Walking," "Siargao," "Haunted Forest" and "'Ang Larawan.
Kerrigan wittily sees Hamlet as perfecting himself and his revenge so that he can become at the end a patient, Christian revenger.
Wurtzbach is also just fresh off the blockbuster film, 'Gandarrapido: The Revenger Squad', which was a big hit at the box office in the Metro Manila Film Festival 2017.
She's the least riddled with hatred among the revenger characters, so her absence kind of makes sense.
First, the fact that the Vice Ganda starrer, 'Gandarrapiddo: The Revenger Squad,' grossed P540 million underscores the abiding popularity of fantasy-action-comedy, as well as Vice's stellar clout and 'K.