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revel in (something)

To be extremely happy or celebratory about something; to relish something. I miss the days when we could revel in the absolute freedom of summer. I could tell that he was reveling in the fact that I was going to fail.
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revel in something

to rejoice or celebrate about something. All the children reveled in the fresh, warm, spring air. Tony reveled in his success.
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revel in

To take great pleasure or pride in something: The actor reveled in the critic's praise.
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Due to the fact the air temperature has been warmer this December than most Decembers in New York, revelers were able to comfortably enjoy running around Times Square with thousands of other Santas, many of whom were intoxicated.
Although there was a set route for revelers to follow, many of them huddled around bars close to Pennsylvania Station where they were able to drink close to the modes of public transportation that eventually took them home.
It actually didn't matter what actress Apollonia, shoe designer Taryn Rose, socialites Marcy Engelbrecht and Nicole Bridget, or the other well- Chanel-heeled revelers were wearing.
performance by the Riverside Ringers bell choir followed by Anita Ward singing her disco single "Ring My Bell" and leading the revelers to attempt to break the world record for the largest synchronized bell ringing; the 11:25 p.
He makes sure to create a display that will tickle all the holiday revelers who walk or drive by, and he even dresses up as Santa and hands out candy canes on the weekends.
in front of their house on the popular Candy Cane Lane, where holiday revelers flock to see elaborate Christmas displays.
This year, as the year 2000 approaches, the most dramatic cost increases are tracked for services that are available only in limited quantities reflecting unprecedented demand from discerning revelers who seek to see in the new millennium in high style.
Although it will cost more to see in the new millennium, revelers can count on one perennial year-end bargain: their New Year's resolutions.
Only Hotel In New York To Close Its Doors To Millennium Revelers
Due to our prime location in the financial district near Silicon Alley and our hi-tech amenities, we have closed our doors to revelers and have created a `celebration-free zone' for our Y2K troubleshooting guests," said Director of Sales Marketing Mark O'Day.
Holiday revelers who have waited until the last minute to plan Fourth of July weekend getaways still will find abundant opportunities to take in the rockets' red glare.
By late Saturday morning the Cajun Creole Music Festival in Simi Valley was flooded with revelers wearing colorful strands of beads while sampling a smorgasbord of Cajun delights and washing it down with a cold brew.
After the last toast to the New Year, and hours worth of drinking and partying left behind, holiday revelers may look forward to hopping in their cars for a quick drive home.
If you're like the millions of other revelers who filled the wee hours consuming spirits with wee bubbles, you're likely spending this New Year's Day in search of the ultimate cure for your aching skull.