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be a revelation

To be different than one anticipated, often in a good way. Dana's performance in the play was a revelation—I had no idea she was such a talented actress.
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come as a revelation

To be different than one anticipated, often in a good way. Dana's performance in the play came as a revelation—I had no idea she was such a talented actress.
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come as/be a reveˈlation (to somebody)

be a completely new or surprising experience; be different from what was expected: His performance in the race today was a revelation to everyone.My trip to Texas was a revelation.
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The linguistic system used by the author of Revelation is the Koine Greek, yet his cultural environment is the Old Testament.
Indeed Acierto's latest revelation has a ring of truth simply because this is a preemptive move that may even save him from the various threats to his life because if he is killed now, the main suspects will be those involved in his revelation since they are the only ones who have a motive to silence him.
This is why John says that in God's new world, "the sea [will also be] gone" (Revelation 21:1).
The new fund, Leerink Revelation Healthcare Fund II, was oversubscribed and closed at its hard cap of USD 227 million, surpassing its initial target of USD 200 million.
Arev64, the next generation of Revelation's Advanced Revelation emulator, now utilizes the full power and capabilities of modern 64-bit architectures.
(3) My first section reviews recent dogmatic developments concerning revelation and religious pluralism.
The American political philosopher John Rawls casts--probably unintentionally--a different light on the concept of revelation: in his work A Theory of Justice, first published in 1971, he introduces the idea of a "veil of ignorance," an imaginative state of origin that disables the subject from knowing "his place in society, his class position or social status, nor does anyone know his fortune in the distribution of natural assets and abilities, his intelligence, strength, and the like." (2) Behind this "veil of ignorance," people are able to choose and to determine principles of justice in a way that is not influenced by personal interests, because they do not know about their position in the society and judge therefore in a "fair" way.
Quran's revelation on the basis of the people's needs:
First we had the WikiLeaks documents, exposing an important amount of classified media from anonymous sources; then came the American computer professional Edward Snowden's revelations. He has released critical information about numerous global surveillance programs, many of them run by the United States.
Louisville, KY, November 18, 2013 --( The intriguing book video trailer for "An Abduction Revelation," published by Balboa Press, was revealed today on DGT Book Promotion news.
Revelations From the beginning of mankind, our Creator sent Prophets, may Allh exalt their mention, to convey His Revelation and to invite human beings to the Path of true peace and obedience to the One True God.
The True Interpretation Of The Revelation Of John And The Bible
This article throws light on the meaning of Revelation and Features of Revealed Books in some detail.
Instead, they have a much older origin: the Book of Revelation. In Revelations: Visions, Prophecy, and Politics in the Book of Revelation, Elaine Pagels explains how these battle scenes and beasts developed from John's vision into a book of the Bible.
REVELATIONS: VISIONS, PROPHECY, & POLITICS IN THE BOOK OF REVELATION offers an analysis of a New Testament text holding a powerful apocalyptic vision of the world's end and is a pick for any spirituality collection.