revel in

revel in (something)

To be extremely happy or celebratory about something; to relish something. I miss the days when we could revel in the absolute freedom of summer. I could tell that he was reveling in the fact that I was going to fail.
See also: revel

revel in something

to rejoice or celebrate about something. All the children reveled in the fresh, warm, spring air. Tony reveled in his success.
See also: revel

revel in

To take great pleasure or pride in something: The actor reveled in the critic's praise.
See also: revel
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Claims by Lohan's lawyer that the strict conditions implied on the actress' may interfere with her new film, were dismissed by judge Marsha Revel in Beverly Hills.
But when her vocals are in balance with her music, it's something to revel in.
With the perfect face for radio, he seems to revel in giving us a laugh.
Now you can shrink your power supply or motor drive with a 1/2" flatpack handling the ripple current of two or three snap-in capacitors, and revel in your ultra compact and reliable design.
PRAGUE While its neighbors revel in multiplex booms, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, in particular, wait patiently like a pair of drooling, starving kids at a candy counter.
Run a mile and revel in the exhausting fullness of life.