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revel in (something)

To be extremely happy or celebratory about something; to relish something. I miss the days when we could revel in the absolute freedom of summer. I could tell that he was reveling in the fact that I was going to fail.
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revel in something

to rejoice or celebrate about something. All the children reveled in the fresh, warm, spring air. Tony reveled in his success.
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revel in

To take great pleasure or pride in something: The actor reveled in the critic's praise.
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Our presence in Cinnabon highlights that versatility and innovation," said Lisa Falzone, co-founder and CEO of Revel Systems.
Customers will be able to choose from a 13-speaker package, or the ultimate 19-speaker Revel Ultima configuration.
Commenting on the decision to locate in Belfast, Lisa Falzone, co-founder and CEO of Revel Systems, said, "Our point-of-sale systems empower merchants, helping them to thrive and grow, and we are excited about the market opportunity here in the UK and across Europe.
Revel will be the second of three Atlantic City casinos to close in a two-week span.
Revel Horwood is expected to be fit to return to the BBC1 show on Saturday.
The Governor's press secretary, Michael Drewniak, said that New Jersey is committed to boosting the casino market and has confidence that Revel will rebound.
Judge Revel could order Lohan into the 90 day in-patient rehab program immediately," the source said.
She needs to submit to random drug testing here, not in Texas," Revel said.
The company will consider various alternatives to effect the full disposition of Revel which may include a direct sale to a third-party or an auction process,' said Morgan Stanley.
Yet Revel also worried that American complacency toward communism in the wake of events such as the Vietnam War could lead to the demise of Western democracy.
Mr Revel Horwood has been particularly damning of the performances given by our very own Joe Calzaghe.
The Revel with the least number of votes on 9 September will be evicted from the pack for a limited time to be replaced by a mystery flavour, which the company is keeping under wraps.
The two compete against each other to see which one is the first to pick their least favourite Revel (coffee).
In the Wonderland-like setting of the Descanso Gardens, Vincent and hundreds of others spent an enchanted Saturday at the Rose Revel celebration, which marked the fifth year since the Gardens' five-acre rose garden reopened after an extensive makeover.
They're new packaging takes on the old masters that small appliance manufacturer Revel is using to help differentiate itself from the competition for upper-end mass retailers and specialty stores.