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Testing is one way of showing what has been learned, but there are many other approaches to reveal achievement.
The former actor proceeds to reveal a surprising inability to marshal the common NRA arguments in response to Moor's simple inquiries.
Lines of Authority begins with that most seemingly apolitical of genres, aesthetic theory, and reveals the political motivations behind the split between the royalist ideal of moderation and "wit" and the Puritan celebration of inspiration.
Family reconstruction evidence is creatively combined with census cross-sections to reveal not only the structure of this society, but also the social processes through which they were created and reproduced.
In Brownsnow, the act of filming reveals a shift from the norm expected from a documentary.
shtml) reveals that top suppliers for PCR and RNA amplification segments such as Applied Biosystems (NASDAQ:ABI), Invitrogen (NASDAQ:IVGN), Promega and Stratagene (NASDAQ:STGN) face competitive pressure from Qiagen (NASDAQ:QGEN), New England Biolabs and others.
Corrie Feline fine adie reveals that he's taken a high-paying job in the city so that he can afford to buy the garden.
CT clearly reveals areas of bone erosion and cyst formation.
Studies of gas clouds so distant that they reveal conditions in the early universe also provided evidence for a much higher amount of visible matter than astronomers had found locally.
Himes's equivocal comparison of Ella Mae to the black audience at Lincoln reveals the complications, if not contradictions, of his rendering of her relationship with Jones.
Taken as a whole, the thirty-one needleworks on display - featuring everything from conventional decorative motifs to embroidered appropriations of modern and contemporary art to literary quotations addressing the metaphoric implications of sewing and weaving - constitute a kind of perverse cataloguing of the sampler qua artistic medium: "perverse" because modernism's emphasis on medium-specificity is precisely what allows it to distinguish high art from lowly craft (and, by extension, "masculine" aesthetics from "feminine" ornament), but more interestingly because, under Reichek's nimble fingers, the sampler's essential property reveals itself to be the ability to elude the very categorical logic on which a modernist notion of medium is based.
In effect, his collection of essays reveals the modernity of the Hispanic literary tradition and explores the Baroque as an expression of the modern.
In the Largest Industry Research Study Conducted Ever on S&OP, Ventana Research Reveals That Top Performing Companies Have CEO or CFO Sponsors
A profile of each element reveals the origins of its discovery, what it is commonly used for, and, its relevance to life.
A review of the literature reveals that T-cell lymphoma often presents cutaneously, but it usually does not involve the ear, and an auricular lesion is rarely the first sign.