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reunite with (someone or something)

1. To come together with someone again. He reunited with is old business partner to set up a new company. I managed to reunite with the first girl I ever loved after nearly 30 years apart.
2. To bring someone or something together with someone or something else. Police managed to reunite the missing girl with her family after nearly a week of searching. The collector finally reunited the last piece of the rare collection with the rest of the set.
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reunite someone or something with someone or something

to bring someone or something together with someone or something. Mary was pleased to reunite Sally with her sister. I reunited the lost cat with its owner.
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More optimistically, ( @alexgasfart_ contended that that life is now good after hearing the news that Fall Out Boy was reuniting: "EVERYTHING IN HUMANITY IS OKAY AGAIN BECAUSE FALL OUT BOY ARE BACK TOGETHER EVERYTHING IN LIFE IS OKAY AGAIN."
Meanwhile, ( @OnlyMem0ries took to Twitter to thank the New Year for bringing one of her favorite bands back together: "FALL OUT BOY ARE REUNITING? 2013 I LOVE YOU."
He appealed to people to dial 1192 in case of any lost emergency victim and requested the media representatives to highlight the scope of Rescue Lost Helpline-1192 across Pakistan for timely reuniting victims of accidents, emergencies and disasters with their families.
He said: "During these difficult times our priority is reuniting people with forgotten investments.
Around 60 per cent of the business is owned by the Pankhursts and their partner Jason Porter, with the rest held by management after a buy-in.Friends Reunited has expanded rapidly and now helps people trace their family tree, as well as reuniting them with old colleagues, neighbours and school friends.
ORGANISERS of old school associations from across Nuneaton and Bedworth are being urged to get in contact with a navy group dedicated to reuniting ex-sailors.
The group is reuniting for a series of concerts, following a revival path well trodden by 80s stars such as Spandau Ballet, Adam Ant and Kajagoogoo.
However, he said no case of kidnapping was yet reported; however, he appealed the government to assist them in reuniting the missing children with their families and arrange their food and shelter.
A WEBSITE dedicated to reuniting convicts outside jail has been launched by former fugitive Ronnie Knight.