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reunite with (someone or something)

1. To come together with someone again. He reunited with is old business partner to set up a new company. I managed to reunite with the first girl I ever loved after nearly 30 years apart.
2. To bring someone or something together with someone or something else. Police managed to reunite the missing girl with her family after nearly a week of searching. The collector finally reunited the last piece of the rare collection with the rest of the set.
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reunite someone or something with someone or something

to bring someone or something together with someone or something. Mary was pleased to reunite Sally with her sister. I reunited the lost cat with its owner.
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One of the Zapotecs' most celebrated traditions is that of El Dia de los Muertos--the Day of the Dead--the annual holiday, celebrated throughout Mexico, that reunites them with family members and friends who have died.
It plans to launch a new TV dating show based on the site which reunites old school friends.
A WOMAN logged on to a website that reunites old schoolmates to find her classroom tormentor was still up to his old tricks.