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reunite with (someone or something)

1. To come together with someone again. He reunited with is old business partner to set up a new company. I managed to reunite with the first girl I ever loved after nearly 30 years apart.
2. To bring someone or something together with someone or something else. Police managed to reunite the missing girl with her family after nearly a week of searching. The collector finally reunited the last piece of the rare collection with the rest of the set.
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reunite someone or something with someone or something

to bring someone or something together with someone or something. Mary was pleased to reunite Sally with her sister. I reunited the lost cat with its owner.
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Reunited Amber the cat was found 19 miles from home
Later the two ships pulled up alongside each otherbefore they were reunited.
Adding to the confusion is the government's shifting definition of "ineligible." Last week, federal officials announced that they had met a court-ordered deadline to reunite all migrant kids ages 5 to 17 by July 26; all "eligible" children, they said, had been reunited, leaving just 711 "ineligible."
The 378 children released in "appropriate circumstances" include those reunited with parents who were already out of government custody, those sent to another relative or family friend, and those who are now over the age of 18.
While they were reunited in March, the ACLU is pursuing class-action claims on behalf of other immigrants.
The ACLU said on Monday Trump's order contained 'loopholes', and proposed requiring that families be reunited within 30 days unless the parents were unfit or were housed in adult-only criminal facilities.
Sabraw in San Diego issued a order on late Tuesday and ordered the US administration that the children under five years age must be reunited with their parents within 14 days and also ordered that all children must be allowed to talk to their parents within 10 days.
LAWS which would allow a wider range of family members to be reunited with refugees in the UK moved a step closer yesterday following a Holyrood vote.
A dog which was allegedly stolen from outside Newcastle's Grainger Market has been reunited with its owner.
STEPHANIE Davis has reportedly reunited with Jeremy McConnell in Ireland following the model's rehab stint.
FOR 15 years it has reunited friends, family and starcrossed lovers - and at times wreaked marital havoc.
But today, his happiness knows no bounds as he has been reunited with his family.
Reunited with her loving husband Patrick and son Pat.
The first show sees 63-yearold Ann Munro reunited with her son, Colin Hayter, whom she gave up for adoption 40 years ago.