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According to the credit provider, one in five online retailers have already tightened up returns and refund policies in response to the rising number of 'serial returners' and a further 19% plan to do so over the next year.
It will prioritise projects that focus on small and medium enterprises and returners at all skill levels, as well as employers outside London.
Last November, Desty and Bodley's organisations collaborated to set up STEM Returners, an initiative to try to help the droves of people trying to break back into the engineering industry.
The schemes, funded from PS5million earmarked in this year's Budget, will offer training and support to help "returners" refresh their skills, as part of the Government's drive to close the gender pay gap.
"This investment will enable us to build on the success of our Come Back to Social Work pilot by offering tailored training and development placements to 100 social work returners.
It's the second year of the scheme, run in association with returnship experts Women Returners, which offers successful applicants the chance to use and grow their tech and business acumen with 02.
That number is also deceptive because Amendola has frequently been deployed as the short returner in a two-deep look with Edelman, meaning when he does field the ball the coverage is already on top of him.
The Trojans have a weapon at punt returner in Nelson Agholor, who ranked second nationally at 18.1 yards per return with two touchdowns last season.
Arkansas State's best kick returner, redshirt sophomore Andrew Tryon, is also coming back.
Into this world comes 17-year-old Micah, literally seeking his fortune in the fabled wealth it holds for the returner. Micah soon witnesses the violent death which awaits such intruders, but survives to meet up with the old tracker Eli Halfwinter who becomes his guide in this harsh landscape.
where Ex is experience, S is a vector of schooling dummy variables (denoting highest qualification), X is a vector of explanatory variables containing both employee and employer characteristics that relate to earnings and Mig is the returner dummy variable discussed above.
As a result, both types of potential returner were considered.
DERRICK ANDERSON, an SP returner for the Press Association for eight years, has died at the age of 63.
'Woman returner' is a broad term used to cover any woman returning to paid employment, whether full- or part-time, after a substantial period away from work, usually taken to care for children or elderly relatives.