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There are already public sector returner projects running in the health professions, social work, and the civil service.
It will prioritise projects that focus on small and medium enterprises and returners at all skill levels, as well as employers outside London.
This investment will enable us to build on the success of our Come Back to Social Work pilot by offering tailored training and development placements to 100 social work returners.
It's the second year of the scheme, run in association with returnship experts Women Returners, which offers successful applicants the chance to use and grow their tech and business acumen with 02.
His departure leaves Julian Edelman as the primary punt returner and rookie Josh Boyce as the main kickoff returner.
where Ex is experience, S is a vector of schooling dummy variables (denoting highest qualification), X is a vector of explanatory variables containing both employee and employer characteristics that relate to earnings and Mig is the returner dummy variable discussed above.
The main reason for returning to physiotherapy was because the returner wanted to return rather than external factors such as financial hardship.
He'll be the tallest punt returner in history,'' USC coach Pete Carroll said of the 6-foot-5 Turner.
Nalbandian, in contrast to his big-serving opponent, is one of the top returners on the tour - he has won 37 per cent of his returning games, which is the second-highest total of the top 100 players.
McConkey played in the National Football League with the New York Giants and Green Bay Packers as a wide receiver and kick returner.
That's a function of the timing of the front line, the wedge, the returner and the off-returner, whoever that may be.
Gable will return kicks with Chris McFoy, a shake-up from previous games when Harris was the top kick returner.
Big Ivan and the A-Rod are heavy servers and possessing a huge first delivery is a major bonus in these situations as the pressure tends to be skewered towards the returner who is aware that if they fail to take a breakpoint chance against a big server they may not get another one.
Woman returner is a broad term used to cover any woman returning to paid employment, whether full--or part-time, after a substantial period away from work, usually taken to care for children or elderly relatives.