return with

return (from something) with (someone or something)

1. To come back (from some place or thing) bearing something. She returned from her trip with gifts for the kids. A: "John has gone to the hospital to check in on Mary." B: "I hope he returns with good news."
2. To come back (from some place or thing) accompanying someone. The store manager returned with a police officer to arrest the man he'd caught stealing. I should return from the airport with Aunt Lydia around 5 o'clock or so.
3. To come back (from some activity, place, or thing) in possession of something. He returned from his internship with the experience necessary to get a full-time job. It's important to take time off from work so that you can return with a renewed sense of purpose and energy.
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return with something

to come back with something. He went to town and returned with the doctor just in time. She returned with the material they had requested.
See also: return
References in classic literature ?
As we topped the ridge and saw the granite gate towers dotting the flowered plain at our feet Ja made a final effort to persuade me to abandon my mad purpose and return with him to Anoroc, but I was firm in my resolve, and at last he bid me good-bye, assured in his own mind that he was looking upon me for the last time.
Crooks, with five others, turned their steps up it; retracing by land the weary course they had made by water, intending, should they not find relief nearer at hand, to keep on until they should reach Henry's Fort, where they hoped to find the horses they had left there, and to return with them to the main body.
There was no game to be met with in the neighborhood; but beavers were occasionally trapped about the river banks, which afforded a scanty supply of food; in the meantime they comforted themselves that some one or other of the foraging detachments would be successful, and return with relief.
In Jenkins, TC Memo 1989-617, the taxpayer filed a return with a modified jurat.
But the investment of balance sheet cash involves some variables, and there's a way to maximize return with minimal additional risk.
This form requires a substantial amount of information, especially when the taxpayer files a consolidated return with a significant number of subsidiaries, and consequently is very time consuming to complete.
And as for replacing that truck and delivering a completed corporate tax return with the click of a mouse?
any failure that does not prevent or hinder the Internal Revenue Service from processing the return, from correlating the information required to be shown on the return with the information shown on the payee's tax return, or from otherwise putting the return to its intended use.
Since most firms don't prepare a return with the taxpayer sitting in front of them, using this PIN may be cumbersome.
The donor must file the amended return with the same IRS service center where she filed the prior-year gift tax return.
In the case of a false or fraudulent return with the intent to evade tax, the tax may be assessed, or a proceeding in court for collection of such tax may be begun without assessment, at any time.
If a member is representing a taxpayer in an administrative proceeding involving a return with an error of which the member is aware, the member should inform the taxpayer promptly and recommend appropriate corrective measures.
6501(c)(1) provides that, in the case of a fraudulent return with the intent to evade tax, the IRS may assess tax (or begin a proceeding in court for collection of such tax without assessment) at any time.