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retrieve from (someone, something, or some place)

1. To regain possession or control of something from someone, something, or some place. A noun or pronoun is used between "retrieve" and "from." I must remember to retrieve my graphing calculator from Linus before my exam tomorrow. She retrieved her coat from the spare room and ran out the door.
2. To collect and escort or bring back someone from some place or thing. A noun or pronoun is used between "retrieve" and "from." My mother can't drive any longer, so I have to go retrieve her from the doctor's office and drive her home. Daniel needed me to go retrieve him from mountains after he got a flat tire on his mountain bike.
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retrieve someone or something from some place

to recover and bring back someone or something from some place. The mother hurried to the school and retrieved her child from the classroom. I retrieved my cat from the well into which she had fallen.
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retrieve something from someone

to get something back from someone. I hope I can retrieve my book from the person who borrowed it. We were not able to retrieve the lawn mower from Fred before he moved away and took it with him.
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Retrievable filters could possibly alleviate some of these problems.
Retrievable IVC filters were developed to meet the need for transient protection from PE in patients with temporary contraindications to anticoagulants [6].
Accounting recognition takes place each time the retrievable value is lower than the book value.
With the emergence of prophylactic filter indications, the number of retrievable filters placed has increased.
The Gemini Retrievable Bridge Plug is a high performance monobore plugging solution which can be set at any required depth in tubing or casing.
More than half of the studied population (56%) had comprehensive neurologic examinations available by certified neurologists with retrievable neurology sheets documenting motor, reflex, and sensory deficits; gait difficulties; and other components of a comprehensive neurologic examination.
Some elements from the Times website, such as the home page and section pages, are already retrievable on Google.
"With this new discovery the volume of retrievable oil reserves in the country increased 5 to 6 billion barrels," Shana news agency quoted Qasemi as saying.
The Freedom of Information Request submitted by The Examiner was turned down due to the information 'not being easily retrievable' and the cost of collecting the information being over the FOI threshold.
There has been multifold increase in IVC filter insertion over the last two decades, due to ever expanding indications.4 The ease of insertion via percutaneous methods along with introduction of newer retrievable devices might also be responsible for these increased rates.
The gap is retrievable." Lambert felt the 5-1 scoreline was "a bit harsh" and praised the way his players refused to cave in.
The first goal was a blow for sure but it was retrievable at 1-0.
To minimize costs and prevent the healthcare-associated spread of measles, researchers stress that healthcare facilities must 1) have rapidly retrievable measles-immunity/immunization records for healthcare personnel; 2) consider measles as a diagnosis, especially among patients presenting with fever, rash, and a recent history of international travel or contact with a person with a clinically consistent rash illness; and 3) immediately isolate of patients with suspected and confirmed measles.
However, it is retrievable by going to <> and searching for "Vegetarian
The front-page story was the second half of a two-parter written by Berkman called "The Invisible Web Getting a Little More Visible." The first installment identified substantive searchable government databases that provide information that is not so easily retrievable from a search engine.