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retool for (something)

1. To furnish or equip with a new set of tools, equipment, machinery, etc., for the production of some new or different thing. We're planning on retooling for the next line of computer chips in the coming weeks. We have an annual plant shutdown in the summer. It gives our employees a chance to take a vacation while we retool for a new model of cars.
2. To revise, reorganize, or bring up to date for some purpose, goal, or change. The city is frantically trying to retool for an ever-expanding population that has already begun putting strain on its infrastructure. Our consultants specialize in helping individuals and small business owners retool for radical changes in their business plans or structures.
3. To acquire the skills and know-how needed for some pursuit or challenge. I studied English in college, but I'd like to retool for a career in finance. Many people are finding they need to retool for a marketplace that is increasingly dependent on online technologies and skills.
4. To furnish or equip a factory or manufacturing plant with a new set of tools, equipment, machinery, etc., for the production of some new or different thing. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "retool" and "for." It will take a sizable chunk of money to retool the factory for such a radically different kind of product. We've finished retooling the processing plant for the new type of microchips.
5. To revise, reorganize, or bring up to date someone, something, or oneself for a particular purpose, goal, or change. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "retool" and "for." The bank is retooling their online infrastructure to bring it in line with their competitors. The political party is retooling some of their stances on social issues to appeal to a broader demographic of voters.
6. To furnish or provide oneself with the skills and know-how needed for some pursuit or challenge. In this usage, a reflexive pronoun is used between "retool" and "for." The seminar is aimed at anyone who wants to retool themselves for a more lucrative career. She said she's retooling herself for a possible career in science education.
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retool for something

1. Lit. to set up with new or altered tools for a different kind of production. The factory was closed down so they could retool for next year's model. How soon can we retool for this new line ofproducts?
2. Fig. to prepare oneself for a different kind of work. He decided to retool for a new job in the computer industry. I am too old to retool for a job like this.
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retool something for something

to set up a factory with new or altered tools for a different kind of production. The manager decided to retool the factory for greater efficiency. We will retool the plant for next year's models.
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"The Retooled project not only enabled the participants to learn new digital skills but also pass on their invaluable experiences to a wider audience who will hopefully benefit from their advice and support."
The Litigation Sections site also has been completely retooled and can be accessed from the For Members pull-down menu, or directly at
Some may have sought deeper involvement in strategy, but were ill-equipped to add much value to strategic planning, and they may be able to be retooled. Others, mired in old thinking, will not be able to make the transition, and they'll simply need to be replaced.
Rippling waves and abs abound in this latest entry in Savage's "Queering the Classics" reading series, in which the familiar is retooled with a nod to the lavender.
In all of these fictions except for Hopkins's, African Americaness is obliterated as a textual precondition for the redemption of the Edenic South, and black womanhood in particular is retooled as "the evacuated vessel through which white women's creativity is born." And as if simply disentangling the psychodynamic threads of these complicated denouements were not enough, Gabler-Hover also makes effective use of Homi Bhabha's notion of "splitting": Hagar's illicit sexuality is split onto blackness, but its product, the empowerment t hat such sexuality makes possible, is split onto whiteness.
They loaded up on burgers, fries, and a tank of grease--yes, grease--for Carven's retooled 1982 VW camper van.
The old Canadian Film Awards were retooled by the newly formed Academy and renamed the Genies (a name chosen mostly because of its bilingual nature).
Moreover, a new sales manager has been brought in, and his job description and compensation package has been similarly retooled to support the process of organizational and cultural change.
Rather than replacing the mechanical jigs on the robots when a conventional line is to be retooled for a new car model, engineers merely reprogram the IBAS computer software which downloads the operations the robots require to assemble another car model.
And by then what we'll see here is a retooled industry, costs going down, productivity going up, and the U.S.
Susman's findings come at a time when some long-standing assumptions concerning the large-toothed, small-brained "robust" lineage are being retooled. With a more accurate portrayal of the robusts, scientists can better frame their investigations into why the direct ancestors of modern humans flourished while other hominids fell by the wayside.
Defending NCAA champion San Beda battles retooled University of the Philippines and De La Salle University takes on former coach Aldin Ayo in the featured games on opening day at Filoil Flying V Centre.
The plant is being retooled for the assembly of the new Buick Verano and Chevrolet Aveo.
Car workers made redundant from the Birmingham factory are being invited to take part in an innovative web project to unearth key new digital skills as part of a project entitled Retooled.
While cat models historically have been based on a long-term average view of hurricane frequency, the retooled models will have a medium-term, five-year risk outlook.