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retool something for something

to set up a factory with new or altered tools for a different kind of production. The manager decided to retool the factory for greater efficiency. We will retool the plant for next year's models.

retool for something

1. Lit. to set up with new or altered tools for a different kind of production. The factory was closed down so they could retool for next year's model. How soon can we retool for this new line ofproducts?
2. Fig. to prepare oneself for a different kind of work. He decided to retool for a new job in the computer industry. I am too old to retool for a job like this.
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Specific to breastfeeding promotion, we should retool "Rosie the Riveter" to "Barbara the Breastfeeder" in the War against Illness.
July 20, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Evana Automation Specialists, a leading Systems Integrator and builder of custom, automated assembly and test systems, recently performed a turnkey retool on an automated deburring station for a major automobile manufacturer.
Nissan Motor Company (NASDAQ: NSANY) (TYO: 7201), a Japan-based automaker, is planning to resurrect and retool its luxury Cima brand.
The Retirement Retool materials encourage 401(k) investors to remember that saving for retirement is not a one-day event, but a process.
We were able to swiftly retool Kentucky Truck with a flexible body shop, which sets the stage for the transformation of Michigan Assembly Plant.
I'm confident that the funding will be sufficient to allow AFS Trinity and its partners to both fully commercialize the technology as well as retool an existing U.
This will give the government time to print the bills and ship them to Federal Reserve Banks and give vendors time to retool their machines to accept the new bills.
16 /PRNewswire/ -- Ford Motor Company (NYSE: F) will invest more than $135 million to retool the Rawsonville Plant here to produce a new generation of fuel pumps, fuel injectors, and alternators -- as well as other fuel and air handling components.
11 /PRNewswire/ -- Ford Motor Company (NYSE: F) is investing $185 million to retool its Sterling Plant here to produce a new range of automotive axles and driveshafts -- creating about 240 jobs over the next three years.
In addition to the cost savings realized by not having to retool and supplying a lighter weight system, driver comfort will increase because of the greater amount of room now available.
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For those with an existing dashboard, there's insight designed to help retool and focus dashboards for maximum effect.
We went in to (completely) retool the series, although we are going to keep the same visual look for the show,'' said Film Roman Vice President Jon Vein.