retire to (something or some place)

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retire to (something or some place)

1. To relocate to some city, state, country, etc., when one retires. I know it's a cliché, but I'd love to retire to Florida. More and more people are retiring to Ireland, now that it's economy is back on track.
2. To move into a particular kind of living arrangement when one retires. My parents sold our big family home and retire to a small apartment off the coast of Spain. I have no intention of retiring to some old folks' home, thank you very much.
3. Withdraw to some location in order to rest or seek seclusion. Ah, what a wonderful meal. Shall we retire to the drawing room, everyone? He retired to a corner of the room, overwhelmed by the number of people at the party.
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retire (in)to something

to quit working and move into something or some place. Sam and Ella retired into a Florida condo. Joe did not want to retire to Florida.
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retire to

some place to quit working permanently and move to a particular location. When I quit working, I want to retire to Florida. We will retire to our place in the country.
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After retiring to Barton, Vt., in 1983, he founded the Vermont-Japan Society, farmed and translated early 20th-century Japanese novels into English.
After retiring to Lusby, Md., he enjoyed kayaking and crabbing before moving to North Carolina in 2010.
Shortly after retiring to Hilton Head, S.C., in 1980, he joined the Sinai peacekeeping force, the Multinational Force and Observers, and later became its director general.
After retiring to Canberra in 1997, he enjoyed traveling the world as a rehired annuitant, serving at posts in the East Asia and Pacific region.
After retiring to Port Angeles in 1981, he spent summers working in Olympic National Park and maintaining a log cabin and land in the Olympic foothills.
He was director-general of the Parisbased Atlantic Institute for International Affairs before retiring to Maryland.
After retiring to Medina, Ohio, in 1976, she was an active volunteer with the hospital and historical society.
After retiring to Edina in 1976, he promoted world trade and U.S.-Japanese cooperation.
After retiring to Manchester in 1988, he was active in Democratic politics at the local, state and national levels as well as with community and civic organizations.