retire from (something)

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retire from (something)

To give up, withdraw from, or conclude one's office, profession, or career permanently, as due to one's age or health. I retired from my job when I turned 65, but I've been doing some consulting work for the company in my retirement to earn a little extra money. I retired from boxing years ago. I'm just a coach, now. He was forced to retire from public office after the scandal.
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retire someone or something from something

to take someone or something out of service permanently. The company retired the vice president from the job and gave it to someone else. It is time to retire my automobile from service.
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retire from something

to withdraw from something. (Usually to terminate a working career permanently.) I retired from the company early. When do you intend to retire from your job?
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References in classic literature ?
Debienne and Poligny were retiring from the management of the National Academy of Music.
The retiring gratuity provision stated: "The employer may pay a retiring gratuity to staff retiring from the organisation [emphasis added] who have had not less than 10 years' service with the employer." The clause only applied to staff in current employment as of 1992.
However, she would backtrack on Twitter, stating that 'Cameron Diaz is not retiring from anything.
Islamabad -- Air Chief Marshal Sohail Aman is retiring from his service in the Pakistan Air Force on March 18.
The most prominent among those retiring from the PML-N is self-exiled former finance minister Ishaq Dar.
After retiring from the Foreign Service in 2010, he worked in the Bureau of Political-Military A airs.
Tracking retirement is a challenge because many individuals continue to work in another capacity after officially retiring from one job, and others move in and out of retirement in the same type of job.
So when partners are five years from retiring from the firm or reducing their time commitment, that may turn out to be only five visits with some clients.
For those who wear a military uniform and fight in conflicts, expose themselves to physical and mental harm, and anticipate being taken care of later on in life after retiring from the military, I would strongly advise they be aware of the true picture.
* If the retired partner has had significant interaction with the audit team and joins the board of the audit client within one year of retiring from the audit firm, the audit firm must assign one professional uninvolved in the audit to undertake a separate review of the following year's annual audit.
You need to let it go and go into something else even if it means retiring from one job and going somewhere less stressful," she says.
He has extensive training and experience in management development, human relations, and effective communications, and served as a welfare fraud investigator and Supervisor of Investigative Services for El Paso County and Manager of Fraud Control for the Colorado State Department of Social Services after retiring from the Army.
Masterson had worked in the insurance industry for more than 43 years, retiring from Sentry Insurance Co.
Organized power of this magnitude hurts pension reform because it makes it much harder for politicians to discriminate between, say, the very real needs of widows retiring from the bottom rungs of government salary scales on the one hand, and on the other, 40-year-old ex-army officers who will collect a second full salary for the next 30 years.
After retiring from the Navy, he was appointed deputy assistant secretary for politico-military affairs in 1989 and served until 1993.