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Regrettably, the court upheld a narrow interpretation of what "retiring from the organisation" meant on a number of grounds, including that, in 1994, a separate and specific resignation gratuity had been removed from the Waikato DHB retiring gratuity provision.
Four out of eight senators belonging to the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) are also among the 52 senators retiring from the upper house.
After retiring in 1981, she enjoyed being a docent, traveling, reading, volunteering and donating to charitable organizations.
So when partners are five years from retiring from the firm or reducing their time commitment, that may turn out to be only five visits with some clients.
It also goes a long way toward eliminating investor concern that the retiring CFO is bailing out or that there are undisclosed problems.
* If the retired partner has had significant interaction with the audit team and joins the board of the audit client within one year of retiring from the audit firm, the audit firm must assign one professional uninvolved in the audit to undertake a separate review of the following year's annual audit.
After retiring, he operated a consulting actuary business for clients in the United States and the United Kingdom.
Of course, many retiring CEOs are overjoyed at the prospect of moving to Florida or Arizona, playing endless rounds of golf, becoming acquainted with their grandchildren, throwing away their jackets and ties, and never darkening an office or boardroom door again.
But few suspect what every congressman knows: Thanks to an extremely generous pension program, many retiring members can live very well, at taxpayer expense, without lifting a finger.
It also examines the advantages and possible disadvantages of the plan, both for the retiring officers and the agencies in which they serve.
Many, if not all, inside directors may owe their jobs to the retiring CEO and would be reluctant to contradict his views out of a sense of loyalty and/or fear: CEOs often continue to exercise enormous power even after their retirement.
Responses ranged from age 40 to age 65, with 5 retiring before the age of 50, 4 between 50 and 55, 16 between the ages of 55 and 60 and 4 after the age of 60.
Islamabad -- Air Chief Marshal Sohail Aman is retiring from his service in the Pakistan Air Force on March 18.
They said the employees who were retiring on their own were asked not to make demand of pension for one year.