retire from (something)

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retire from (something)

To give up, withdraw from, or conclude one's office, profession, or career permanently, as due to one's age or health. I retired from my job when I turned 65, but I've been doing some consulting work for the company in my retirement to earn a little extra money. I retired from boxing years ago. I'm just a coach, now. He was forced to retire from public office after the scandal.
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retire someone or something from something

to take someone or something out of service permanently. The company retired the vice president from the job and gave it to someone else. It is time to retire my automobile from service.
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retire from something

to withdraw from something. (Usually to terminate a working career permanently.) I retired from the company early. When do you intend to retire from your job?
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Jones retired from the company, in which we have seen him engaged, into the fields, where he intended to cool himself by a walk in the open air before he attended Mr Allworthy.
He said that 2526 employees retired from OGDCL during the year 2002 to 2012 and OGDCL would have to made recovery from 334 employees.
Tijam retired from the SC last January 5 after reaching the mandatory retirement age of 70.
If you feel like you've missed Cameron Diaz from movies lately, it's no accident: it appears that the actress has retired from acting based on recent statements.
Diaz, 45, was at the centre of a media storm this month when her The Sweetest Thing co-star Selma Blair, also 45, joked that Diaz had retired from acting, reports
AS many as 650 employees who have retired from Pakistan Machine Tool Factory in the last eight years still deprived of their arrears, including pensions.
Those employees who had retired from banks service 15 to 20 years ago were also deprived of annual increase in pension, he said, adding the President had issued a circular in May 2016 in which directives passed for issuance of pension to retired employees of the Government banks under Pension Scheme 1977.
To determine the players who retired from the most matches among themselves or, in the words of network analysis, to detect cohesive subgroups in the network of retired matches, we applied a mixture of two techniques.
I come here with my sister but we have met more people having come here - Brenda Richmond, 70, retired from Darlington It is a good way to meet people and get out of the house.
In 1990, she retired from the IRC and spent her remaining years in Idaho and Arizona.
Also attending were Judith L'Ecuyer Toscano of Chelmsford, retired part-time school teacher; Edwina Tardiff Hevey of Petersburg, Fla., a retired dental assistant; Diana Pariseau Boisvert of Chelmsford, a retired office nurse for multispecialty medical groups and currently the chairman of the Chelmsford Council on Aging; Estelle Lacasse Rooney of Dudley, who retired from the paralegal department of American Optical Co; and Joan Trahan Marinelli of Southbridge, a retired supervisor at the American Optical Co.
Gay retired from her job as a Navy general technician in 1997 to attend nursing school, working part time when she could.
As book editor of Anglican Journal for 11 years (he retired from the newspaper in May 2001), Mr.
I retired from active duty in June 1974 after nearly 30 years of service in the U.S.
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