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retire from something

to withdraw from something. (Usually to terminate a working career permanently.) I retired from the company early. When do you intend to retire from your job?
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retire (in)to something

to quit working and move into something or some place. Sam and Ella retired into a Florida condo. Joe did not want to retire to Florida.
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retire on something

to quit working and live on something or a particular amount of money. I already have enough money to retire on. I cannot retire on a sum like that!
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retire someone or something from something

to take someone or something out of service permanently. The company retired the vice president from the job and gave it to someone else. It is time to retire my automobile from service.
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retire to

some place to quit working permanently and move to a particular location. When I quit working, I want to retire to Florida. We will retire to our place in the country.
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The Public Accounts Committee of the National Assembly had on Sept 14, 2012 called for cancelling the controversial agreement, holding a fresh bidding for the land and taking strict disciplinary action against the former bosses of railways, including the retired generals, who had endorsed the agreement.
Hurst, 88, a retired Foreign Service reserve officer, died Jan.
The best that could be done would be encouraging retired people to work in the formal sector.
4 : to withdraw from use or service <The navy retired an old ship.
High-tech assets can also be retired in extremely small quantities from multiple locations.
But, in his next breath, he says that such contracts or jobs "corrode the ethics" of retired senior officers.
Most seniors want to stay independent by living in their own homes as long as possible, so the MPTF has started a new initiative to repair the homes of retired film and television industry workers.
Under this option, P would continue to reimburse all eligible retired employees for medical care, until all unused accumulated amounts are exhausted.
Peters, retired (previously principal engineer, blow molding, ChevronPhillips), Bartlesville, Okla.
Portman, who is retired, referring to about 300 books in the collection, which were sent recently with financial assistance from the partnerships department of the Anglican Church of Canada.
Specifically, this year's program included two additional events: a panel of retired senior AFSPC officers speaking on "operationalizing space," and a tribute to a retired enlisted airman for his contributions to developing the Air Force's intercontinental ballistic missile program.
Currently reads: Retired Life Members shall receive a retired life membership card, shall pay no dues but shall maintain all the privileges and benefits of active membership with the exception of official ADAA publications, which they would be able to subscribe to at a reduced Retired Life Member rate.
The diamond jubilarians (60 years)are: Fr David Bullen,Canon James Commins,Fr Thomas Lambe and Father Cyril Thomas, all retired.
Most retired women's primary concern is cash flow," says Cheryl Creuzot, president and CEO of Wealth Development Strategies L.
Legislation to provide full concurrent receipt of military longevity retired pay and VA disability compensation has been introduced in the 108th Congress.