retire to

retire to (something or some place)

1. To relocate to some city, state, country, etc., when one retires. I know it's a cliché, but I'd love to retire to Florida. More and more people are retiring to Ireland, now that it's economy is back on track.
2. To move into a particular kind of living arrangement when one retires. My parents sold our big family home and retire to a small apartment off the coast of Spain. I have no intention of retiring to some old folks' home, thank you very much.
3. Withdraw to some location in order to rest or seek seclusion. Ah, what a wonderful meal. Shall we retire to the drawing room, everyone? He retired to a corner of the room, overwhelmed by the number of people at the party.
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retire (in)to something

to quit working and move into something or some place. Sam and Ella retired into a Florida condo. Joe did not want to retire to Florida.
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retire to

some place to quit working permanently and move to a particular location. When I quit working, I want to retire to Florida. We will retire to our place in the country.
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References in classic literature ?
On the whole he could perceive that all who were there were people of quality; but with the figure, countenance, and bearing of Don Quixote he was at his wits' end; and all civilities having been exchanged, and the accommodation of the inn inquired into, it was settled, as it had been before settled, that all the women should retire to the garret that has been already mentioned, and that the men should remain outside as if to guard them; the Judge, therefore, was very well pleased to allow his daughter, for such the damsel was, to go with the ladies, which she did very willingly; and with part of the host's narrow bed and half of what the Judge had brought with him, they made a more comfortable arrangement for the night than they had expected.
In short, everybody was well pleased and glad at the captive's good fortune; and as now almost two-thirds of the night were past, they resolved to retire to rest for the remainder of it.
Anne of Austria, a keen observer, like all women, and imperious, like every queen, was sensible of Madame's power, and acquiesced in it immediately, a circumstance which induced the young queen to raise the siege and retire to her apartments.
"You are right, madame," said the king, "and I am ready to retire to my room when you have kissed me.
With 30 years of service, most civil servants can retire to the golf course at age 55 without penalty.