retire from

retire from (something)

To give up, withdraw from, or conclude one's office, profession, or career permanently, as due to one's age or health. I retired from my job when I turned 65, but I've been doing some consulting work for the company in my retirement to earn a little extra money. I retired from boxing years ago. I'm just a coach, now. He was forced to retire from public office after the scandal.
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retire someone or something from something

to take someone or something out of service permanently. The company retired the vice president from the job and gave it to someone else. It is time to retire my automobile from service.
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retire from something

to withdraw from something. (Usually to terminate a working career permanently.) I retired from the company early. When do you intend to retire from your job?
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References in classic literature ?
If I say that I ought to be prepared to do it, that is, I ought to have the money and to retire from the army."
The question whether to retire from the service or not brought him to the other and perhaps the chief though hidden interest of his life, of which none knew but he.
So far from allowing a single foot to be wet, or a repetition of the fruitless efforts of his people to drive away their foe with missiles, the whole of the party was commanded to retire from the shore, while he himself communicated his intentions to one or two of his most favoured followers.
ISLAMABAD -- Thirty-four officers of the Police Service of Pakistan who are serving across the country will retire from their services in 2018, Establishment Division issued a notification in this regard on Monday.
They state that police officers are now no longer allowed to resign or retire from their posts during a misconduct case unless they are deemed medically unfit or other exceptional circumstances - such as where a covert criminal investigation could be prejudiced - are met.
Arthur Ashe, Roger Federer, Vitas Gerulaitis, Rod Laver, Ken Rosewall and Mats Wilander, did not retire from even a single match during their career and are therefore not included in Figure 4.
After Yahoo's surprising news of Yao's retirement, Sina Sports said that Yao Ming did not announce his decision to retire from the NBA, citing Yao's broker Zhang Jiming.
Justice Javed Iqbal will be senior judge of SC who will retire from his office on July, 31, 2011.
Money will go towards the charity's work to home greyhounds when they retire from their racing careers.
A does not intend to separate from the service of, or retire from, B.
They can retire from military service, yet not be eligible for retired pay should they choose VA benefits.
In December 1993, for instance, Los Angeles County's Thomas Tidemanson was able to retire from his $158,000 a year job as director of public works with an annual pension of $190,000.
At many corporations, the outgoing CEO is forced to retire from the board simply because he has reached retirement age.
Thus, if employees (other than 5% owners) who attained age 70 1/2 in 1996 and did not retire from employment with the employer maintaining the plan by the end of 1996 were offered the opportunity to make an election to defer commencement of benefits rather than to begin receiving benefits from the plan by Apr.