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retaliate against (someone or something)

To take retributory action in response to the actions of someone or something with the aim of returning the injury, harm, or wrong in kind. She retaliated against the bully by having her older brother's friends go and beat him up. The senator asserted his intention to have the controversial legislation repealed.
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retaliate against someone or something

to take revenge against someone or something. The striking workers will retaliate against the company with a protest march. The students retaliated against the administration.
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"Under Sarbanes-Oxley, ignoring whistleblower complaints or retaliating against them has gotten a whole lot more expensive," says Alexandra Lajoux, chief knowledge officer at the National Association of Corporate Directors.
A prisoner brought a civil rights action against prison officials, alleging that they violated his First Amendment rights by retaliating against him for his involvement in other lawsuits against prison employees.
Zoellick also tried to persuade Hiranuma to wait for some two years before retaliating, saying the two sides could negotiate extending the June 17 deadline for the right of affected exporters to retaliate against the U.S.
But 17 per cent admitted to retaliating with similar or worse behaviour.
"Indian Army is retaliating strongly to the violation by Pakistan," sources in the Indian Army said.
Retaliating, Hooda had threatened to file defamation cases against INLD leaders who had said that a second ' chargesheet' is on the way.
The Indian Army is retaliating effectively, officials said.
A nurse brought an action alleging that a state corrections department and state officials violated Title VII and her due process and equal protection rights by retaliating against her far complaining of sexual harassment.