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retaliate against (someone or something)

To take retributory action in response to the actions of someone or something with the aim of returning the injury, harm, or wrong in kind. She retaliated against the bully by having her older brother's friends go and beat him up. The senator asserted his intention to have the controversial legislation repealed.
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retaliate against someone or something

to take revenge against someone or something. The striking workers will retaliate against the company with a protest march. The students retaliated against the administration.
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Because if they did, the policemen would have retaliated long ago.)
County officials also deny that managers retaliated against Vicki or Spence Slater.
But after his complaints about the programme got nowhere, Riley retaliated by sending pictures of intimate parts of naked women to the corporation, Norwich Magistrates' Court heard.
He left the FBI in 2004, he alleges, because his superiors retaliated against him by excluding him from assignments he normally would have participated in.
GIRLS Aloud singer Cheryl Tweedy was punched twice in the face by a nightclub toilet attendant before she retaliated,one of her fellow band members told a court yesterday.
The EU retaliated, and imposed import curbs on March 28, arguing that the measure was needed to protect the European steel industry from an expected surge in imports resulting from U.S.
borders closed, but Mexico retaliated by closing its borders to U.S.
What's more, the inmates say that prison officials retaliated against them when they blew the whistle on what they claim was corruption at the plant.
retaliated by slapping stiff tariffs on cheese, a major French export.
Police retaliated and have launched a search operation in the area.
Hama, Idleb, SANA -- Army units retaliated against terrorists' attacks on military posts in the countryside of Hama and Idleb provinces.
Beijing retaliated with its own fresh tariffs on $16 billion worth of additional imports from the U.S.
NEW DELHI -- The Indian Army has denied claims by TV channels that it had retaliated in response to alleged mutilation of its soldiers by Pakistan, stating that TV channels go ballistic without confirming reports.
The police retaliated and shot dead two attackers, while accomplices fled the scene.
Hezbollah retaliated and attacked an Israeli force in the occupied Shebaa Farms killing two Israeli soldiers and injuring seven others.