retaliate against

retaliate against (someone or something)

To take retributory action in response to the actions of someone or something with the aim of returning the injury, harm, or wrong in kind. She retaliated against the bully by having her older brother's friends go and beat him up. The senator asserted his intention to have the controversial legislation repealed.
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retaliate against someone or something

to take revenge against someone or something. The striking workers will retaliate against the company with a protest march. The students retaliated against the administration.
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He also was charged with one count of presenting misleading testimony before the Judicial Inquiry Board about that case; one count of trying to retaliate against a court clerk who filed a sexual harassment complaint against him; and one count of trying to retaliate against an administrative assistant for filing a sexual harassment complaint against him.
The meeting concluded to retaliate against the opposition parties staging the anti-government demonstrations.
"This story is being leaked to retaliate against Mr.
PRESIDENT Donald Trump has said the US was "cocked and loaded" to retaliate against Iran for downing an American drone, but cancelled the strikes 10 minutes before they were to be carried out after being told some 150 people could die.
HUAWEI's founder has criticised US President Donald Trump over new trade restrictions on his firm, but insisted China should not retaliate against the measures.
Summary: Tehran [Iran], Apr 29 (ANI): Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif on Sunday said that withdrawing from the nuclear non-proliferation treaty (NPT) is one of the "many options" Tehran has to retaliate against re-imposition of US sanctions..
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Venezuela will strongly retaliate against Brazil, the nation's leader Nicolas Maduro said, calling on the Brazilian Army to resist President Jair Bolsonaro's attempts to intervene in its neighbor's affairs.
They were on a humanitarian mission to escort an aid convoy heading to needy people in Hadhramaut valley, the Command said, denouncing the attack as "a cowardly act of terrorism." The Command vowed to retaliate against the perpetrators of the attack by launching a massive military campaign against "the hotbeds of evil and terrorism." (end)
Faisal Vawda said Pakistan, being a atomic power, had right to defend its territory and retaliate against Indian aggression.
While speaking with newsmen, he said that Pakistan is an atomic country and have the capability to retaliate against Indian aggression.
ISFAHAN, Iran -- The head of Iran's powerful Revolutionary Guard has threatened to retaliate against neighboring Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates over a suicide car bombing this week that killed 27 members of the elite organization.
Murtaza said the party will retaliate against such kind of political victimization and biased accountability process.
18 (Petra)-- China said on Tuesday that it has no choice but to retaliate against new U.S.
"Rather than address our legitimate concerns, China has begun to retaliate against U.S.