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retaliate against (someone or something)

To take retributory action in response to the actions of someone or something with the aim of returning the injury, harm, or wrong in kind. She retaliated against the bully by having her older brother's friends go and beat him up. The senator asserted his intention to have the controversial legislation repealed.
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retaliate against someone or something

to take revenge against someone or something. The striking workers will retaliate against the company with a protest march. The students retaliated against the administration.
See also: retaliate
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With this, the death toll in Pakistani retaliate action since January 19 has risen to 11.
Pakistan Army keeps helping intruders, but we will retaliate strongly if we are forced to do so," he added.
Local sources reported on Friday that the terrorist groups' snipers targeted people in residential areas in a village in Northern Homs, causing the Syrian pro-government forces to retaliate.
Trump should make clear that, so long as North Korea does not retaliate, he will take no further military action against the regime just as he did not take further action against Assad.
TOKYO, Aug 7 (KUNA) -- North Korea on Monday condemned the UN Security Council's new US-sponsored sanctions over its long-range missile tests, threatening to retaliate against the US.
We will retaliate and when we do, we will come out with an official statement,' said an Indian Army officer with the northern command.
He said the extremist group might retaliate after a leader of suspected sympathizers of the Islamic State group, identified as Jaafar Maguid, was killed in a shootout in Saranggani on Thursday.
Police have arrested one of the attackers who was injured when the locals opened fire to retaliate.
During the attack, Shakoor was present at the scene but he didn't retaliate.
Global Banking News-October 9, 2015--Foreign banks retaliate against U.
Absolutely we have the right to retaliate, and retaliate in kind, retaliate in full force," Asif said after he visited the wounded in hospital.
12 (BNA): Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said their countries would retaliate fiercely against any violation of territories of Saudi Arabia.
He urged President Karzai to allow the Afghan forces to retaliate to Pakistani attacks.
Summary: The Israeli army launched an observation balloon Thursday morning to survey the area over the town of Metula, a week after Hezbollah vowed to retaliate for an Israeli air raid.
BAGHDAD/ Aswat al-Iraq: Parliament Speaker Usama Nujaifi denounced Israeli attack on Syrian targets, calling the Syrian regime to retaliate.