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retain (something) over (someone or something)

To hold onto or continue to have control, power, influence, etc., over someone, something, or some group. I'm stepping away from the day-to-day business of the company, but I still retain control over any major decisions. I know Sarah's mother retains a lot of influence over her, even though they live in different parts of the country.
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retain something over someone or something

to keep or maintain something, such as power or control, over someone or something. Tony found a way to retain control over Fred. I wish to retain veto power over the committee.
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Two-time finalists Quetta Gladiators have retained Sarfraz Ahmed in Platinum, and have also retained Sunil Narine in the same category after their trade with Qalandars.
Similarly, PTI's Ghulam Sarwar Khan, who was a candidate returned to NA-59 and NA-63, retained the former seat, while Ali Amin Gandapur, also of the PTI, a candidate returned to NA-38 and PK-97, retained his seat of NA-38.
Pir Syed Fazal Ali Shah Jilani of the Pakistan Peoples Party retained NA-209 and quit PS-30.
In our study, retained placenta affected graded Murrah buffaloes suffered from anemia as indicated by significant decrease in red blood cells, hemoglobin and packed cell volume (P<0.01), these findings were consistent with those of Sivaraman et al.
Datuk Seri Abu Bakar Harun retained Chini by obtaining 10,027 votes to beat Mohd Fadhil Noor Abdul Karim of PAS (5,405) and Mohamad Razali Ithnain of PKR-PPBM (1,065).
The franchise has also retained South African player AB de Villers and uncapped player Sarfaraz Khan.
* Scott Makar was retained with 63.82 percent of the vote.
Since tax levy usually lags behind the realization of dividend by two years, enterprises won't feel the pinch of higher tax on retained earnings until 2013.
Our experience has been that often the second thing students tell us after their name is that they have been retained. One study found that when sixth-grade students were asked to rate the most stressful life event, they rated being retained as equivalent to losing a parent or going blind.
The new proposed regulations provide the method to be used to determine the portion of trust corpus includible in the grantor's gross estate if the grantor reserves a graduated retained interest in a trust.
Replacing retained firefighters with 24-hour cover would be expensive.
Futterman & Associates announced it has been retained as the exclusive retail leasing agent for several new properties with available space totaling nearly 40,000 s/f.
Once a company identifies its acceptable level of retained risks, it faces the issue of how to finance those risks and how to prepare financially for a possible loss.
* The new standard says what should be documented and the characteristics of workpapers that should be retained.
1 Which paper towel had retained more water after three hours?