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retain (something) over (someone or something)

To hold onto or continue to have control, power, influence, etc., over someone, something, or some group. I'm stepping away from the day-to-day business of the company, but I still retain control over any major decisions. I know Sarah's mother retains a lot of influence over her, even though they live in different parts of the country.
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retain something over someone or something

to keep or maintain something, such as power or control, over someone or something. Tony found a way to retain control over Fred. I wish to retain veto power over the committee.
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being revived and upgraded, in part for economic development reasons but also as a means to enrich the livability of communities and to strengthen their population retainability'.
These personnel should have at least one year of retainability in the unit to allow time for experience and continuity.
Finally, existing exemptions for certain open-end credit disclosures under Regulation Z from the retainability requirement would continue to apply to disclosures to be delivered electronically, except in the case of the generic home-equity plan program disclosures.
In terms of Network Availability, Accessibility, Retainability and Point to Interconnection (POI), TRAI observed Airtel as the best provider of 2G network among the other telecoms in Mumbai and Maharashtra.
Most EPLOs are colonels and lieutenant colonels with at least three years of retainability. They come from a variety of career fields, including pilots, air operators, supply and logistics experts, planners, security forces members, and public affairs officers.
By eliminating physical and psychological barriers that impede pilot training, the goal of the management program is to maximize the rate of learning and ultimately increase pilot retainability.
Upon graduation from AMAC, a Master Analyst must have at least eight months retainability in the U.S.
Self-esteem that is tied to responsibility and contributing effectiveness is directly related to the retainability of soldiers and leaders.
Some of the soldiers did not have retainability or had physical imitations, which created issues of combat effectiveness and bidding for replacements.