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retain (something) over (someone or something)

To hold onto or continue to have control, power, influence, etc., over someone, something, or some group. I'm stepping away from the day-to-day business of the company, but I still retain control over any major decisions. I know Sarah's mother retains a lot of influence over her, even though they live in different parts of the country.
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retain something over someone or something

to keep or maintain something, such as power or control, over someone or something. Tony found a way to retain control over Fred. I wish to retain veto power over the committee.
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They have however retained Yasir Shah in Diamond, Shaheen Shah Afridi and Anton Devcich in Gold, and Agha Salman and Sohail Akhtar in Silver after getting Hassan Khan and Rahat Ali from Quetta Gladiators.
Three seasons ago, CSK had retained India opener Murali Vijay and South African all-rounder Albie Morkel, but the duo missed out this time around, along with Michael Hussey - although it is unclear whether the Australian intends to take part this season.
Twenty studies with matched control groups were included in the analysis, which looked at both the academic achievement and socio-emotional functioning of retained students.
These captives typically have few, if any, tax benefits, but find efficiencies through better control over the risk management of retained risks and through access to the (sometimes) less expensive reinsurance market.
103's five-year requirement, the auditor should retain the workpapers for the longer period.
The rolled-up paper towel should have retained more water than the flat paper towel That's because a flat paper towel has a larger surface area than a rolled-up one, allowing the water to evaporate more quickly from the flat towel.
The majority of courts have concluded that the common interest doctrine does not apply in situations in which the carrier has denied a defense and the policyholder has retained independent counsel, as detailed in N.L.
2036(a) includes in a decedent's gross estate those assets that were transferred during life, but to which the transferor retained significant rights.
Another way to resist this pushing, overturning force is called a "dead man." These are anchors buried in the retained area of the wall that use the weight of the soil behind the wall to help resist its own load.
The taxpayer then will not be required to retain the cost of several thousand components that make up each product that the taxpayer sells.
In October 2003, the SEC began requiring public accounting firms to retain all electronic communications associated with company audits.
This study compared the effectiveness of 10 methods of determining the number of factors to retain in exploratory common factor analysis.
Yet increasingly, commanding officers have been creatively reinterpreting "don't ask, don't tell" in an apparent effort to retain gay and lesbian service members.
To reduce this defect, filters retain the slag, which keeps it from becoming part of the casting, and smooth the flow of the metal, reducing the turbulence and creating a smoother casting.
According to the new guidelines, publicly held companies can be just 30% minority-owned and retain their certifications.