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retain (something) over (someone or something)

To hold onto or continue to have control, power, influence, etc., over someone, something, or some group. I'm stepping away from the day-to-day business of the company, but I still retain control over any major decisions. I know Sarah's mother retains a lot of influence over her, even though they live in different parts of the country.
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retain something over someone or something

to keep or maintain something, such as power or control, over someone or something. Tony found a way to retain control over Fred. I wish to retain veto power over the committee.
See also: over, retain
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Retain International added that Retain Web Corporate is also fully compatible with SQL and Oracle databases, which allows data to be imported easily.
103's five-year requirement, the auditor should retain the workpapers for the longer period.
Yes, a plasticlike coating would help a desert frog retain water the most.
By publicizing these cases, SLDN hopes to raise awareness about the fundamental flaws in the policy and the capriciousness of the military's decisions to either discharge or retain.
For some high quality applications, #25 filters can be used to retain very fine inclusion material.
Absent an independent requirement, in allocating resources to meet recordkeeping requirements companies seek to satisfy the essential requirements to create, retain, or maintain the records necessary to operate the business, including internal controls appropriate under the circumstances.
Appendix A presents a schedule for how long we retain our accounting records and our client records.
2036(a)(1) and (2) because the decedent did retain sufficient votes or contractual rights to control the LLC.
The penalties that may be imposed for non-compliance are causing many organizations to worry about deleting the wrong information, to the point where they have adopted policies to retain everything.
For example, under the terms of the QPRT John and Nancy can retain possession of the home for, say, a 15-year term, at the end of which their children will own it outright.
The TAM was issued after the company under audit refused to change its recent written policy permitting employees to retain frequent-flier mileage accrued on business travel for their personal use.
When you look at risk as an investment decision, figuring out how much risk to retain - and when - gets more complicated.
a specialist and market-making firm inequity and other securities, plans to invest $7-8 million as it moves part of its operations to a new location at 33 Whitehall Street in Lower Manhattan and retain more than 500 jobs in Lower Manhattan.