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It is suggested that a new Section 2 should be created where the chapters on retail location, mall management and rural retailing in India can be clubbed.
"An innovative genius," adds New York-based retailing consultant Alan Millstein.
The demand for convenience, not just price, has allowed nonstore retailing to flourish.
Retailing is becoming a "zero-sum game" where dollars must be taken from one retail outlet to be spent at another.
As the retailing potential of Times Square and Harlem is realized, Manhattan will be well positioned for the future, from 125th Street to the Battery, all the way to cyberspace.
Like Internet retailing, catalogue retailing caught fire, with sales quickly skyrocketing by 68 percent in its first five years from $800,000 in 1895 to $11 million in 1900.
The report looks at retail rents, identifies current international retailing trends and highlights the countries "cross border" retailers are targeting.
* China remains popular with overseas retailing groups despite the many bureaucratic issues encountered.
* Mixed use, integrated retailing is also a trend in Manhattan.
Simply stated, Manhattan retailing really does have it all!
And this change, which is taking place throughout the United States and internationally, is among the most important trends in retailing. It is also having a pronounced impact on retail real estate.
However, given the fact that designers and manufacturers continue to open more and more stores, we know they believe that direct retailing also enhances their wholesale business and justifies the cost.
Retailing giants which fueled the growth of New Jersey's retail development such as Jamesway, Caldor, Bradlees, and Kmart, and to a lesser extent, Petrie Stores and Shoetown, will begin to close locations throughout the state, leaving large blocks of stores available.
Connecticut shoppers continue to be targeted by retailing companies for a share of the highest per capita income in the country.