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retail at something

to sell at a retail price of something. This model normally retails at a much higher price. What does a product like this usually retail at?
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retail for something

to sell for a retail price of an amount of money. This item retails for less than ten dollars. How much does this retail for?
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retail something to someone

to sell something to someone at a retail price. I can retail this merchandise at ninety percent of the price of my competitor. We are not allowed to retail this to anyone in the state of Maine.
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The top five EU nations: the UK, France, Germany, Russia, and the Netherlands, accounted for more than half of European retail sales through the channel in 2012.
Louis Somoza, Rudin Management; Benjamin Fox, Newmark Knight Frank Retail
Anthony Sorrentino, a spokesman for Facilities and Real Estate Services at the University of Pennsylvania, which has developed highly regarded plans for retail in the last decade, notes that IHEs can use consultants to fill knowledge gaps or to supplement existing plans.
Understand the size of retail banking IT spending in China Understand retail banking IT trends for Channels, Payments, Core Systems, CIS/MIS, Operations systems, Back office systems, Plan your strategy with confidence drawing on forecasts in this report
This report is the result of ICD's extensive market research covering the retail industry in 50 countries around the word.
However, given the tremendous existing demand for retail in Lower Manhattan, retail development could help restore a sense of community to the entire area, said team chairman Smedes York, president of York Properties Inc.
Table 2: Thai Retail Banking IT spending, 2005-2010, by activity ($m)
as a retail-leasing consultant for approximately 700,000 square feet of specialty retail space within Meadowlands Xanadu.
Asking rents for ground floor space in the primary retail corridors has risen 32% to $284 from a year ago.
The report includes executive summary, industry overview, typical retail organisation and its activities (employment breakdown), outsourcing process in retail industry, prospective retailers and providers in outsourcing, profiles of retail BPO companies and Outlook of the industry.
New Spectrum is a highly respected retail brokerage firm that offers comprehensive brokerage and consulting services to property owners and retailers in the New York metropolitan area.
Fitch Ratings' Retail Index is calculated using a debt weighted average of trusts that securitize only retail credit card receivables.
And with the potential retail income being the driving force in new construction and complete building renovations, priorities have to be placed on designing the retail portion to conform to both the tenant's physical and operational requirements in order to make each project a success.
Richard Seligman, a leading retail consultant and former senior managing director of Insignia/ESG's retail group, has announced the formation of Retail Development Partners to provide a full range of consulting and retail real estate services to retailers, developers and property owners domestically and overseas.
Each report provides the latest retail sales data, allowing you to identify the sectors driving growth.