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resurrect (something) from (something)

To restore or bring back from some state of failure, decay, disuse, dormancy, etc. A local artisan baker is aiming to resurrect the bizarre-sounding bread from its 17th-century resting origins. The famous linguist resurrected a forgotten meaning of the word from an archaic tome discovered the ruins of Ethiopia. We're trying to resurrect the old dance hall from its current deteriorated condition.
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resurrect someone or something from something

to restore someone or something from some state to its formal state. We decided to resurrect Toby from the ranks of the retired. I resurrected my old uniform from its tattered and wrinkled state.
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Chrisanne Gordon, Founder of Resurrecting Lives Foundation said, "Many thanks to City Barbeque for engaging the entire community in this effort to support our Military Members, Veterans, and their families affected by Traumatic Brain Injury.
Jackson strikes a pose from "Resurrecting the Champ."
His Resurrecting Empire is a tribute to the headlock of history, the idea that the lessons of the past must somehow invariably apply in the same way today.
Villarin hit Duterte for showing signs of being a fan of Marcos, from supporting a hero's burial for the dictator, suspending the writ of habeas corpus and now resurrecting the mothballed power plant.
'When you talk about this BNPP again, it's the proposal again that resurrects the Marcos legacy, in the same way that this administration has been resurrecting the horrors of the martial regime,' Villarin said.
Soulmates: Resurrecting Eve is a strong recommendation for college-level audiences and argues for a return to the traditional perspective of men and women as seen in the Bible.
Washington, September 24 (ANI): By resurrecting ancient proteins, University of Oregon researchers have found that evolution is irreversible, and can only go forward.
Resurrecting Langston Blue by Robert Greer Frog, Ltd., October 2005 $23.95, ISBN 1-583-94136-3
The frontline symbolizes the central role of the labor movement in the Immigrant Worker Freedom Rides and in resurrecting the immigrant rights agenda that has been floundering in the aftermath of 9/11.
General Motors (NYSE: GM), a United States-based automaker, is resurrecting the Tripower nameplate for use on the new 2.7-litre four-cylinder engine.
Or was he just a recreation or reinvention by the gospel writers based on ancient pagan stories of the dying and resurrecting god-men?
Many years after college, I came across stories of ancient pre-Christian beliefs in dying and resurrecting gods whose lives paralleled in almost every detail the life of Jesus Christ.
Jenoyne Adams, best-selling author of Resurrecting Mingus, is back with a moving story of a woman trying to find herself, and begin the process of reconciliation and forgiveness.
Subaru, a subsidiary of Fuji Heavy Industries (TYO: 7202), is resurrecting the Crosstrek Hybrid before the end of the year in collaboration with shareholder Toyota.