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resurrect (something) from (something)

To restore or bring back from some state of failure, decay, disuse, dormancy, etc. A local artisan baker is aiming to resurrect the bizarre-sounding bread from its 17th-century resting origins. The famous linguist resurrected a forgotten meaning of the word from an archaic tome discovered the ruins of Ethiopia. We're trying to resurrect the old dance hall from its current deteriorated condition.
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resurrect someone or something from something

to restore someone or something from some state to its formal state. We decided to resurrect Toby from the ranks of the retired. I resurrected my old uniform from its tattered and wrinkled state.
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Resurrected is Jill at peace and able to look back at the debris of her divorce as she sings: "Sometimes we live but we're crippled by fear".
Whether the ancient metaphysical categories of body and soul or modern psychological categories of physical and emotional relationship are invoked to convey the reality of the human person, a Christian understanding of resurrected life insists on the holistic integrity of the saved self, and so properly rejects the notion of the real loss of the blessed dead in God.
The image of Christ makes the image and likeness of God, by whom we were created, a reality; the beauty of Christ is revealed as the beauty of the resurrected body, of creation led to redemption.
Maybe he wanted to be an apostle, one who had seen the resurrected Lord.
The ancient event, to be held in Upper Spon Street, Spon End, was resurrected in 1999 after more than 100 years' absence.
The Buffalo Boy has resurrected yet another aspect of his long-buried ancestral past in an apparent attempt to jump-start his retirement.
Alfred Sloan's famous dictum, "A car for every purse and purpose" is not one you will likely see resurrected in the new F-150 ad campaign of his old nemesis Ford, but the idea is there nonetheless.
Sovietera dissident Sergei Grigoryants protested that restoring the Red Army symbol is "very serious because it doesn't just feed old people's nostalgia, but also affects the youth who don't understand the fascist or Communist ideologies but are eager to grasp their symbols." The AP pointed out: "On Putin's initiative, the Russian parliament earlier resurrected the music of the old Soviet anthem, albeit with new words, and brought back the Soviet-era red banner as the military's flag."
* Christina Aguilera + The Strokes--The long-dead "Genie in a Bottle" lyrics are resurrected with the latest in edgy rock to become a hauntingly dangerous song.
If Mary Magdelene had been the only individual to have seen the resurrected Jesus, we could well consider her claim dubious.
The image coming to me was not the crucifixion but the resurrected, cosmic Christ, taking the wounds of the outstretched crucified hands with him into eternity yet coming to me, inviting embrace -- coming, yet waiting; appealing to me, yet respectful of my own integrity.
As a result of the September meeting, AFS resurrected its RCRA Working Group that was organized to initiate discussion with EPA in the early 1990s.
At El Pilar, the humble adobe homes surrounding the main sites will be resurrected to give a more complete picture of daily life.
Most of Women's male characters have been resurrected here (some literally--like Ben the street cleaner, who was formerly killed by Lorraine the lesbian).
Osiris is resurrected and unity in the kingdom is restored by his son Horus, who defeats Seth and makes a sacrifice of him.