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resurrect someone or something from something

to restore someone or something from some state to its formal state. We decided to resurrect Toby from the ranks of the retired. I resurrected my old uniform from its tattered and wrinkled state.
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However, worshippers who attended the events told the GDN that many people parted with their cash after Dr Ankomah claimed during personal meetings that he had the power to resurrect the dead.
Computer forensics and forensic accounting tools were deployed to resurrect the accounting systems in place at the time of the dispute and ultimately discovered that the entity had intentionally not complied with its stated revenue recognition policies.
Last night, a Hollywood insider revealed: "Clint wants to resurrect Dirty Harry for one last movie.
Nissan Motor Company (NASDAQ: NSANY) (TYO: 7201), a Japan-based automaker, is planning to resurrect and retool its luxury Cima brand.
We solved those problems by studying the problem at the molecular level, where we can resurrect ancestral proteins as they existed long ago and use molecular manipulations to dissect the evolutionary process in both forward and reverse directions," he said.
PAUL ROBINSON has revealed his desire to resurrect his career at Aston Villa.
TRAILING badly in the polls, gubernatorial candidate Phil Angelides is trying to resurrect his campaign by taking a tough stand .
In addition, the Anti-Traction League, which wants to wage war on the mobile cities, has helped to resurrect the dead aviatrix Anna Fang and created a murderous cyborg from her corpse--and they want Tom and Hester as well.
Researchers typically resurrect such imprinted pulses by restarting the control laser.
Curated by Nicholas Baume, "Sol LeWitt: Incomplete Open Cubes" will resurrect the artist's vast project, not only with two-dimensional working sketches and drawings, but with the resulting 3-D structures, scattered like gossamer thoughts throughout the museum (Wadsworth Atheneum, Hartford, CT, Jan.
We intend to resurrect the cola category with this new high-quality herbal cola beverage.
Kenny, who is an SFA-qualified coach from Edinburgh, said: "When I realised it was potentially the oldest club in the world, I thought 'what a fantastic idea it would be to resurrect it'.
Our mayor is pressing to resurrect the Office of Immigrant Affairs to assist new illegal arrivals to L.
We will be talking about it at the next Traders' Association meeting, we are actively seeking to resurrect the cup.