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resurrect (something) from (something)

To restore or bring back from some state of failure, decay, disuse, dormancy, etc. A local artisan baker is aiming to resurrect the bizarre-sounding bread from its 17th-century resting origins. The famous linguist resurrected a forgotten meaning of the word from an archaic tome discovered the ruins of Ethiopia. We're trying to resurrect the old dance hall from its current deteriorated condition.
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resurrect someone or something from something

to restore someone or something from some state to its formal state. We decided to resurrect Toby from the ranks of the retired. I resurrected my old uniform from its tattered and wrinkled state.
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Then we can analyze the various explanations of why it was Gehazi's fault that he was unable to resurrect the child.
However, worshippers who attended the events told the GDN that many people parted with their cash after Dr Ankomah claimed during personal meetings that he had the power to resurrect the dead.
In a sport that has been riddled with scandals--past and present--there is no better time than now for basketball coaches to acquaint themselves with Gulick's "Clean Sport Role" and resurrect the early ideals of the game's pioneers.
THE COLONEL'S DREAM resurrects a time when our nation was recovering from one of the bloodiest wars in history and struggling to regain its identity as a unified country.
Matt Dawson is convinced he can resurrect his England career
While most users would not be able to resurrect the "deleted" file, anyone with advanced technical knowledge or the right software could do it easily.
* The Vatican is attempting to resurrect its influence in the United States.
"Our idea is that we could help resurrect PDVSA," he says.
What could be a better cliche to resurrect for the next election than "throw the burns out?" As long as campaign finance continues to be stymied, primarily by the GOP, the environmental movement needs to play the money game.
In the business world, computer forensics can be used to restore corrupted or lost data, resurrect outdated systems and software environments, and analyze common security breach activities.
M2 EQUITYBITES-April 3, 2019--Ford to resurrect Puma nameplate in 2019
Lagman made the statement amid the plans of the Duterte administration to resurrect the nuclear power plant, just after the Supreme Court ruled that there was no grave abuse of discretion on the part of the President in favoring a hero's burial for Marcos as a former President and soldier at the Libingan ng mga Bayani.
The team used computational reconstruction of ancestral gene sequences, DNA synthesis, protein engineering and X-ray crystallography to resurrect and manipulate the gene for a key hormone receptor as it existed in our earliest vertebrate ancestors more than 400 million years ago.
PAUL ROBINSON has revealed his desire to resurrect his career at Aston Villa.
In addition, the Anti-Traction League, which wants to wage war on the mobile cities, has helped to resurrect the dead aviatrix Anna Fang and created a murderous cyborg from her corpse--and they want Tom and Hester as well.