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as a result of (something)

Due to. All fights have been canceled as a result of the snowstorm. As a result of budget cuts, the company is not hosting a Christmas luncheon this year.
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as a result

Due to. This is turning into a pretty bad snowstorm. As a result, all fights have been canceled. There hasn't been too much interest in the event this year. As a result, it's been pushed back a few months.
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net result

The outcome after everything—good and bad—has been taken into account. I know we've had to make some unsavory choices to get here, but if the net result is a benefit to the world, then isn't that worth it in the end? Once you factor in income tax, offset by your business deductions, the net result should be a sizable chunk of money.
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as a result (of something)

because of something that has happened. As a result of the accident, Tom couldn't walk for six months. We couldn't afford to borrow money for a house as a result of the rise in interest rates.
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result from something

to emerge from something; to be the outcome of something. It will be interesting to see what results from your efforts. Nothing resulted from all that work.
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result in something

to achieve something; to bring about something; to cause something to happen. I hope that this will result in the police finding your car. All my effort resulted in nothing at all.
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net result

n. the final result after all the assets and liabilities have balanced out. I don’t care about the little things. What is the net result?
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Significant work has already been performed by Nortel management which has resulted in the adjustments outlined below.
Based on work done to date, the Company has identified adjustments to revenues, primarily in the Company's Optical Networks and Enterprise Networks businesses that have resulted in a net reduction in revenue of approximately US$600 million and US$2.
These adjustments resulted in reduction of revenue in 2001, and a significant portion of the net increase in revenue in 2002 and 2003.
Regional prospecting during 2004 has also resulted in the discovery of sulphide mineralization in ultramafic rocks on surface, in locally derived boulders, and in some cases in drill holes, at sites as far as 20 kilometres west of the Greater Frontier area and 27 kilometres east of the Greater Frontier area.
In 2003, 16 holes were drilled in the Frontier area to follow up mineralized boulders on surface which resulted in discoveries in drill core at Frontier Central, Frontier South and Frontier East.
Severe weather in the Southeast and Atlantic coastal regions in September, and to a lesser extent in August, resulted in the temporary closure of a number of company-owned and franchise restaurants due to facility damage or regional power outages.
In preclinical animal studies, oral administration of ANA971 resulted in higher levels of isatoribine in the blood than were present after oral administration of isatoribine itself.
Pacific Rim's geologic mapping and surface sampling program in the North District of the El Dorado project has resulted in the identification of a number of significant new veins with a cumulative strike length of 4 kilometers.
At El Dorado, recent step-out drilling around the currently outlined resource on the Minita vein has resulted in an expansion of the dimensions of the gold mineralized chute, and extended the vertical dimension of the high-grade, productive interval by 100 meters (or 50%).