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as a result

Due to. This is turning into a pretty bad snowstorm. As a result, all fights have been canceled. There hasn't been too much interest in the event this year. As a result, it's been pushed back a few months.
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as a result of (something)

Due to. All fights have been canceled as a result of the snowstorm. As a result of budget cuts, the company is not hosting a Christmas luncheon this year.
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net result

The outcome after everything—good and bad—has been taken into account. I know we've had to make some unsavory choices to get here, but if the net result is a benefit to the world, then isn't that worth it in the end? Once you factor in income tax, offset by your business deductions, the net result should be a sizable chunk of money.
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result from (something)

To exist, emerge, or occur as a direct consequence or outcome of something. A dream job as an artistic designer on my favorite film franchise resulted from spending my spare time drawing fan art and sharing it online. In the end, very little actually resulted from all the heated debate surrounding the issue.
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result in (something)

To cause or bring about some particular action or outcome; to end in some particular manner or fashion. The heated argument resulted in tragedy when one of the men pushed the other into an oncoming car. We're hoping that this investment results in a lucrative and sustainable revenue stream. The routine check resulted in the bank officer discovering a string of fraudulent transactions being committed by one of the senior staff.
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as a result (of something)

because of something that has happened. As a result of the accident, Tom couldn't walk for six months. We couldn't afford to borrow money for a house as a result of the rise in interest rates.
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result from something

to emerge from something; to be the outcome of something. It will be interesting to see what results from your efforts. Nothing resulted from all that work.
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result in something

to achieve something; to bring about something; to cause something to happen. I hope that this will result in the police finding your car. All my effort resulted in nothing at all.
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net result

n. the final result after all the assets and liabilities have balanced out. I don’t care about the little things. What is the net result?
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This time savings resulted from increased automation and allows chemists to participate in work-related projects.
A further limitation resulted from the quasi-experimental nature of the design of this study, which did not allow proof of cause and effect.
Using the S-Plus standard error estimate to test the true null hypothesis that [beta] = 0.0087 resulted in an observed type I error rate > 0.05 (the expected value) for 24 of the 30 models for which j = 0.3.
These studies indicate that expression of Cp protein in mouse muscle resulted in apoptosis and inflammation of muscle cells in vivo.
The next three floors, which were vacated by Morgan Stanley, have resulted in brisk competition between tenants for the available space.
McKusick suggests that the dwarf twin might have resulted from a so-called somatic mutation in one cell after the two twins had separated.
The complex nature of the relationships of level of rehabilitation counselor education, years of counselor work experience, and client outcome resulted in disordinal interactions of regression lines for the dependent variable (DV) CCR.
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The subjective nature of genotype interpretation and lack of specificity for some isolates may have resulted in some patients being misclassified as clustered or not.
The court concluded that, because the transferee's purchase of the decedent's partnership interest resulted in partnership termination under Sec.
In addition to the bond savings, the foundry has reduced new sand additions by 20% and seen the elimination of cracked molds and swelled casting defects, which has resulted in significant scrap reductions.
On page 39, these observations are attributed to "pollsters" as if they resulted from polling: "Americans are ready to turn librarians into volunteers" and "the public perception that libraries are museums of old information."
The commencement of summary proceedings first resulted in an interim settlement whereby the tenant stipulated that she would cease and desist from any further acts constituting a nuisance.
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