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as a result of (something)

Due to. All fights have been canceled as a result of the snowstorm. As a result of budget cuts, the company is not hosting a Christmas luncheon this year.
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as a result (of something)

because of something that has happened. As a result of the accident, Tom couldn't walk for six months. We couldn't afford to borrow money for a house as a result of the rise in interest rates.
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result from something

to emerge from something; to be the outcome of something. It will be interesting to see what results from your efforts. Nothing resulted from all that work.
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result in something

to achieve something; to bring about something; to cause something to happen. I hope that this will result in the police finding your car. All my effort resulted in nothing at all.
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net result

n. the final result after all the assets and liabilities have balanced out. I don’t care about the little things. What is the net result?
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References in classic literature ?
Hence, it resulted when D'Artagnan proceeded to draw his sword in earnest, he found himself purely and simply armed with a stump of a sword about eight or ten inches in length, which the host had carefully placed in the scabbard.
The financial constraints caused by years of political rhetoric and budget cuts resulted in schools having large classroom-teacher-pupil ratios as well as large counselor-student ratios.
The court concluded that, because the transferee's purchase of the decedent's partnership interest resulted in partnership termination under Sec.
The bridge occurred in the middle sidewall and resulted in the superheating of the melt below.
A prospective, multicenter clinical trial of IPLEX administered once daily showed that treatment resulted in statistically significant, dose-dependent increases in height velocity (growth rate) with a favorable safety profile.
The trend from previous quarters remains, and a continued rise in net inflows in funds under management, together with growth in the value of funds, has resulted in an increase in fund-based fees in both unit-linked assurance and mutual funds.
Although the initial adoption of SFAS 156, as of January 1, 2006, resulted in an increase in the value of the OMSRs by $4.
2 million Corporate Units, which, if not so purchased, would have resulted in the issuance of an additional 6.
As discussed above, the consolidated net loss resulted mainly from the Company's investment in the clinical development programs of MC-1 and MC-4232.
Our collaboration with MedImmune has resulted in the development of fully human monoclonal antibodies (MAbs) that provide significant protection in preclinical models of rheumatoid arthritis and sepsis," said Walter Newman, Ph.
Jerry Dukes, Chief Executive Officer of PW Eagle, said, "Continued tight supplies of both resin and pipe have resulted in higher prices and margins.
This strategy resulted in a significant drop in subscriber acquisition actions in 3Q05, while customer retention initiatives have allowed monthly churn rate to remain practically flat compared to 3Q04, despite competitors' increased aggressiveness.
Foreign exchange conversion resulted in a loss of $56,000 for the first quarter in fiscal 2006, compared to nil for the same period in fiscal 2005.
McDATA's Q4 04 non-GAAP tax rate was two percent, and resulted in a benefit to non-GAAP net income of approximately $2 million, or $0.
The activities of KOMPAN A/S, which are also regarded as discontinuing, resulted in a net result of DKK 50m, mainly from divestment of shares.